8 of the Best Plants for The Bedroom

Homiful.com -- You need to put at least one plant in the bedroom. Plants can be a decorative element that fills an empty corner of the bedroom. More than that, plants are the best friend to make you sleep more relaxed. Plants can provide a clean air supply for you. However, not all plants can live and fit for the bedroom. You need to know some of the best plants that suitable for the bedroom. Here are 8 of the Best Plants for The Bedroom

Peace lily


Peace lily is one of the best bedroom plant. This plant is so beautiful with white lilies, besides that it also brings many benefits for you. Peace lilies can filter out a variety of harmful airborne toxins. This green plant can also increase the humidity of the air by 5%, which is good for your breathing while sleeping. 



Orchid is a graceful plant. It symbolizes love, beauty and luxury. This beautiful plant is great to place in the bedroom. The plant release oxygen at night, help you to sleep better. The flowers are so elegant and beautiful, they also increase the healing of your emotions and thoughts, while in the bedroom. 

Aloe vera


Improves the quality of your sleep by putting aloe vera in the bedroom. Like the previous plant, the aloe vera plant produce oxygen at night. Therefore, this plant will improve the quality of the air you breathe while sleeping. It is also an easy plant for you to care for, without the need for regular watering and fertilizing. 

Pothos plant


Isn't it wonderful to wake up to see your pothos plants dangling beautifully? This pothos plant will fill the vertical space in your bedroom. The green leaves will help you to clear your mind. 

Boston Fern


The Boston fern help to remove toxins, such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and others. It is one of the best plants that purify the air. This plant can be grown on a hanging basket near the bedroom window. The hanging Boston fern will make your bedroom look so elegant. 

Spider Plant


The bedroom may not be the ideal place to grow plants. But not all plants. There are plants that can grow well, even in a bedroom with minimal lighting. One of them, this spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum). The plant cleanses the air, and it will help you to get a good night rest. 



Lavender is a popular plant as a bedroom plant. Lavender gives off a calming scent. The plant will help you to calm body and mind. This lovely plant can lower the blood pressure and our heart rate. You can put it on the nightstand next to the bed to make your sleep better. 

Areca Palm


Areca palm is even called a natural humidifier. Areca palm remove carbon monoxide, toluene and formaldehyde from the air. It helps with allergies, such as  irritation and nasal congestion. Somehow, this plant also give a big statement effect in your bedroom. 

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