7 Unique Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Homiful.com -- If you love cooking or simply want to have a kitchen that well-function and visually appealing, you are on the right page. This time we present a unique, but still realistic, small kitchen design for you to try at home. A small kitchen will look more beautiful in just a few ways. Say it, the right storage choices, color combinations and spatial arrangement. If you want a direct example, you can see inspiration from 7 Unique Small Kitchen Design Ideas.

More lively with yellow and white

A small kitchen in white will look cleaner, brighter and airier. However, don't let it just appear white. You can add a pop of color to make the kitchen more colorful. For example, choosing yellow for your refrigerator door, displaying kitchen furniture in yellow is part of the kitchen decor. Even limited to oven mitts in a pop red and yellow can make the kitchen more fun.

Remove the top cabinet


Eliminating the top cabinet can be a solution to make the kitchen look wider. Just make sure the kitchen furniture is neatly arranged in the place you provide, such as standing shelves, countertop surfaces and even the area under the countertop. This area tends to be open, closing it with plaid curtains like this will make the kitchen look neat and beautiful.

Unique and small L-shaped kitchen


L-shaped kitchen is no stranger to being one of the right options for a small kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen has a work area that is divide into two different walls. You can easily access and reach a work station without having to walk far. Make the kitchen more unique by choosing a backsplash in a hexagonal pattern, which makes the kitchen look more elegant.  

Black and pink kitchen design


Feel free to apply the theme to your kitchenette. The theme will make your small kitchen seem more special, at least to you. You can adapt this beautiful kitchen design. The black countertop blends beautifully with the pink curtains. Everything is more perfect, thanks to the kitchen furniture that is well-organized in its place. 

Sweet little purple kitchen


Purple, said to be the color of the year. If you are a purple lover, you should also a have purple kitchen. It doesn't have to be complicated. You can make a simple kitchen design like this. The muted purple color makes the room less flashy. For the convenience of cooking, the owner also hangs all-purple cooking utensils right above the stove. 

Small kitchen with permanent countertops


There is a kitchen which is not equipped with a bottom or upper cabinet. Even so, you can still use the area under the table as storage for kitchen furniture. Cover with minimalist pink curtains to make the kitchen near. Other furniture storage can be maximized on the shelves and sides of the kitchen table. Leave the kitchen wall (backsplash) without cabinets, so the kitchen looks more spacious. 

Skylight roof in the small kitchen


A small kitchen without windows will feel cramped and stuffy. If it is not possible to add a window, you can try to make a skylight roof. This roof will channel natural light that illuminates the kitchen. It is better if the roof can carry breeze into the kitchen. 

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