7 Types and Description About Kalanchoe

7 Types and Description About Kalanchoe

Homiful.com -- Kalanchoe is a species of succulent plant that mostly comes from tropical African Madagascar. This plant is widely cultivated into indoor ornamental plants that have relatively easy care with average lighting. As large, kalanchoe is a perennial herbaceous plant that leaves the bush with thick leaves and a variety of leaves that are diverse. Some new types you can find in the review below with 7 different varieties.

Kalanchoe Tomentosa


The first kalanchoe is usually referred to as the panda cactus or kalanchoe tomentosa. Which is one type of plant with a height of approximately 0.5 m. This plant is round and long, with a leaf surface there is a dark brown fluff. It grows well in all altitudes between 600 and 100 meters above sea level. The shape of the flower is a small tubular that blooms at the end of its stem.

Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora


Next is kalanchoe thyrsiflora which is a succulent with a stalk about 1 meter high and will die after flowering. With the shape of large, round, fleshless leaves without stalks of gray green color, the plant is covered with white flower blooms. This plant flowering roots from autumn to spring, with common growth on grasses or rock.

Kalanchoe Pink Butterfly


Kalanchoe pink butterfly looks unique, and you must have for indoor plants. Which makes this plant special apart from the unique leaf shape, the plant is low in chlorophyll, the pigment of red leaves is easily bright that shines. These plants grow new plants or bulbils along the edge of the leaves and can fall into new plants.

Kalanchie Orgyalis


Kalanchoe orgyalis is a succulent shrub that grows slowly about 6 feet tall and is usually seen as a smaller plant. The leaves of this ovoid shape fold to the top from the middle. This plant with a bronze to gray color from the below have a smooth cinnamon color of the same color on the lower surface.

Kalanchoe Fedstchenkoi Variegata


Kalanchoe with this small succulent bush has a stem that spreads with roots in the ground that from  large colonies. Can grow up to 2 feet tall with thick, fleshy leaves. This grayish-green to lavender color with beige variegation is located along the edges of toothed leaves. This plant will produce red brown flowers, bell shape with a length of 2 cm.

Kalanchoe Humilis


Kalanchoe humilis includes large succulents with variegated green leaves. Purple or maroon spots, this plantshow off its best color when in full sun.

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana


The species of flowering ornamental plant of the genus kalanchoe comes from Africa. Plants that contain amino acids, apple acids, night acids and others are very useful as an anti-inflammatories and accelerate wound healing. This plant is also one of the plants that often flower, so it is very beautiful for the garden and room.

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