7 Tiny Bathroom We Love

Homiful.com -- A small square footage, you can turn it into a wonderful tiny bathroom that everyone loves. There are a few tips to make a tiny bathroom stylish and won't leave you feeling cramped. You can play with color combinations, choosing bathroom furniture design and setting the layout. All of that can make a small bathroom a great place to spend time cleaning up. For you, we've prepared 7 Tiny Bathroom We Love

Bold and contrast tiny bathroom


Dare to experiment with your tiny bathroom. Apply a bold and contrasting color to it. You can make some walls in blue and orange color that contrast and stand out. The use of terrazzo tile on the rest of the walls and floors, gives a shiny and matte look to the tiny bathroom.  

Calm and cool tiny bathroom


Switch to a tiny bathroom that is simpler and more subdued. This bathroom only functions as a wet room. With a shower and a small floating sink mounted on a white tiled wall. The subway bevel pattern on the walls gives the room a clean and spacious look. 

Tiny industrial bathroom design


Tiny bathrooms with industrial touches offer a unique visual. The exposed cement wall blends beautifully with the exposed brick wall below. Gives a cool and natural look. This bathroom still has a water tub in the shape of a terrazzo barrel with a coconut shell dipper that looks so tropical. The small bathroom is also bright, thanks to the wall-mounted window above. 

Dynamic tiny bathroom


A dynamic and luxurious tiny bathroom like this is perfect for those of you who don't like mediocre designs. The shower and other areas are separated by a partition frame and a sloping floor in a fresh, solid wood visual style. An elegant impression is also incorporated through the patterned and ceramic tile floor design and beautiful granite pattern accents on the wall tiles.

Tiny bathroom with greenery


The bathroom is the most humid room in the house. Try to keep the humidity right, so excess moisture does not invite moss, fungi that damage your health and the construction of the bathroom. The trick, you can use plants that keep air humidity stable. For example, sansevieria plants, peace lily plants, and golden pothos plants. 

Modern tiny bathroom


A tiny bathroom with full features like this is everyone's dream. Black quarry walls and floors offer and expensive exotic feel. There is still space to make a small vanity. You can use a small floating sink with a small wall-mounted mirror. The addition of hidden lights in the mirror box will give the tiny bathroom a more elegant visual. 

White tiny bathroom design


The white color scheme is a natural thing in a tiny bathroom. This will make a small bathroom seem more spacious, airy and bright. If the shower and toilet are in the same row, separate them with a terrazzo ceramic partition wall with a small wooden plank on top. Thus, you'll get a clearly divided zone. 

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