7 Stunning Purple Houseplant to Beautify Your Home

Homiful.com -- There are many natural wonders around us. Especially in plants. You may easily find dense and shady green leafy plants. However, have you ever seen or had a purple plant? Plants with a purplish color have a unique appeal. Purple plants will instantly make a garden or place where it is places so lively, vibrant and beautiful. 

Try to liven up your garden and living space with these 7 Stunning Purple Houseplant to Beautify Your Home.

Coleus Sunday


Coleus is a houseplant that will make the corner of your house look vibrant. This plant has colorful foliage and is so captivating. Among the various types of coleus plant, there is a coleus that has purplish pink leaves that display a gorgeous gradation. This plant likes moist soil, so it requires frequent watering. During hot weather, you may have to water it twice a day. 

Oxalis Triangularis


Native to Brazil, oxalis triangularis have many names. You may call it purple shamrock, purple shamrock, and love plant. Some even say it as a butterfly plant, thanks to the shape of the leaves that resemble the wings of a butterfly. Oxalis triangularis has a purple color with deep purple markings that look so amazing. 



Believe me, the tradescantia plant offers a purplish glow that is so alluring. This plant is so good for hanging. It will fill your vertical space perfectly. You can place it on a east or north-facing window as tradescantia grow well in bright, indirect light spot. Watering once a week is enough for this lovely purple plant.  

Gynura aurantiaca (purple passion)


This plant can be called as velvet or purple passion plant. Native to Southeast Asian, but you may easily find this place in many places as houseplant. It has a stunning mix of green foliage with purple features. Place them in a spot with indirect light as the direct sunlight may get the leaf easily dry, the leaves will also rot with over-watering. 

Purple heart


Purple Heart is a species of spiderwort similar to Tradescantia zebrina, purple heart is Tradescantia pallida. The leaves appear deep purple with bright Purple Heart flowers. Produces a natural purple contrast that is so special. Purple Heart requires indirect light, but gives the plant at least one hour of direct sunlight. 

Persian shield


Who says plants must always be green, if you can get this exotic purple plant, Persian shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus). This beautiful purple plant grows well in sun or semi-shady conditions. Persian shield is said to like sandy soil that contains good soil organic matter. Water it twice a week, this plant need moist soil to grow. 

Moses in the cradle


Tradescantia spathacea, you may know it as Moses-in-the-cradle or the oyster plant. The purple color behind the upper leaf surface and the sides of the leaves, gives a splash of stunning natural beauty. Grow them in bright, indirect all year round to get a great foliage and flower color. Keep in mind, the plant tolerate low light condition, however, the lack of light will make the leaves pale and green.

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