7 Spectacular Ferns You'll Want to Add to Your Houseplant Collection

Homiful.com -- Have you included ferns in your home plant collection? If not, it's time you knew that ferns will really make your home looking so great. This plant can be a big statement wherever you put it. Which must be so beautiful if you make a hanging plant, find out 7 Spectacular Ferns You'll Want to Add to Your Houseplant Collection.

Boston Fern


Did you know that Boston fern can grow this amazingly? Boston fern in unique cases can grow up to 1.5 meters. The Boston fern is perfect for hanging on your patio. This plant thrives in indirect light that your patio may get. It likes the morning sun, but the full sun afternoon sun can burn its leaves. 

Maidenhair Fern


Maidenhair ferns will look so pretty with little fronds that look like adorable laces. Yes, this fern look so cute, however, it can be a fussy plant to care for. The plant always want fresh air. This diva plant is also sensitive to light placement. Direct light will burn it, too little light will make the fronds yellow and pale. Better to place it in a spot with indirect morning and afternoon light. 

Asparagus Fern


Add this asparagus fern to complete you fern-tastic collection. Asparagus fern is also known as lace fern for fronds that look like delicate lace. The plant thrives on humidity, so if the indoors are too dry, mist the plant daily. 

Rabbit Foot Fern


As the name implies, footed fern has fuzzy rhizomes that reminds you of the animal feet, especially rabbit foot. This downy rhizome is used to get nutrition. So, make sure that the rhizome is not embedded in the soil.  Rabbit foot fern will grow the best in medium, indirect light. The plant loves well-drained soil. 

Staghorn fern


Staghorn fern is famous for its unique shaped. The fronds will remind you of elk antlers. This fern looks so magnificent and dashing on the walls of your house, if it in its best condition. It grows best in shady spot, it is also good to hang this plant also on a branch or tree trunk. Give it frequent watering, allow the plant to dry when doing the frequent watering. 

Hart's Tongue Fern


Many of the popular names for ferns are taken from the shape of the fronds that resemble them. Asplenium scolopendrium or Hart's Tongue Fern is evergreen that resemble of the tongue-shaped. This fern requires bright, indirect sunlight. Asplenium scolopendrium can be a garden masterpiece with a kokedama arrangement like this. 

Kimberly Queen fern


Just like its name, this Kimberly fern can become a queen of your houseplant collection. A lush evergreen that makes your house look so green and feel so fresh. Kimberly Queen fern is a good plant to grow as an indoor plant. The plant prefer moist or well-drained soil. It also loves sun exposure with partial or shade light.  

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