7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

Homiful.com -- A narrow, cluttered, and stuffy space, it may all be experienced by those of us who have small bedrooms. A small bedroom does require more creativity to make it so comfortable. Fortunately, there are many bedroom ideas and designs that we can apply to the small bedroom. Either way at no cost or require other special arrangements. So, Homiful.com has prepared an interesting review of the small bedroom. You can see more in 7 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

Vinyl flooring that provides comfort


The choice of flooring will greatly affect the comfort in a small bedroom. Of many flooring options, consider choosing vinyl flooring. This flooring is budget-friendly, easy to install and durable. Moreover, the appearance of wood looks so fresh and natural. 

Adjacent to the wall


Small square spaces can be easier for you to arrange. Just put bedroom furniture close to the wall. That way, even though the bedroom has a bed, wardrobe and a shelf, there is still some space left for moving and walking around. Make sure there is at least a small window to make the room brighter. 

Low bed design with plaid pattern


A bed in a low bed design will make the room higher and spacious. Avoid monotony by adding patterns to the soft furnishings in the bedroom. You can start by choosing a bed cover and a rug in a plaid or geometric pattern. Black and white colors on it, make the small bedroom look more contemporary.

Pick warm and elegant color


Small bedrooms are not always in neutral colors, such as white or gray. You can add a warm color palette to give it a homey and cozy look. The beige walls blend nicely with the golden tones on the bed cover and the brown color on the headboard bed walls. 

Showing the focal point with color


Small bedrooms also need something to attract. Don't be confused! You can play with color combinations in the bedroom. For example, choosing a color for the bedsheet. The sweet, subtle pink color works well with black throws and pillows that look strong. The black and pink combo gives a unique look as a focal point. 

Simple small bedroom arrangement


Sometimes in a small bedroom, you don't need a lot of stuff. Just a wardrobe, a low bed and a small nightstand. The white color gives the impression of a clean and spacious room. The addition of shiny satin curtains makes the room look even more beautiful. 

Under bed storage drawers


Small bedroom are quite-difficult to get more storage. The option of having under bed storage drawers is a good idea. You will have more storage space. The bedroom will also be more organized. 

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