7 Small Bathroom Ideas: Solutions for Tiny Washrooms

Homiful.com -- Having a small bathroom that is well-organized, functional and stylish is no longer a dream. There are many small bathroom inspirations that you can easily apply to the bathroom. Here, we would like to share 7 Small Bathroom Ideas: Solutions for Tiny Washrooms. This review is accompanied by pictures of interesting bathrooms and solutions to maximize space and style in your tiny bathroom. 

Divide into two zones


Divide the bathroom area into two zones. The wet room area is where you take a shower and get wet. One area as a dry place to just wash your hands and touch up. The division of zones is clearly seen from the differences in the material and floor design used. The two floors give a beautiful and dynamic contrast to the small bathroom. 

Add a screen


If you previously saw the design of the open bathroom, you can apply a screen between the wet room and the toilet. This glass and aluminum frame screen works as a zone divider. This wet room has its own-drainage channel. The screen design made in L-shaped to prevent splashes of water from wetting other floors.

Shower and bathtub in one


Limited space is an obstacle for the tiny bathroom to have complete features. However, you can handle it. Small bathrooms can still have a bath and shower. The trick, just install the shower kit in the same areas as the bathtub. Thus, you can maximize the space and make a small bathroom more stylish.  

Get a stylish wet room


If you only have a small space, the design of a wet room is great for creating the illusion of a wider and more spacious room. This design offers practically. You can enjoy bathing without needing to enter the shower enclosure. By optimizing the choice of bathroom floors and walls, you'll get an appealing, fresh wet room.

Say no more to zero vanity space


A bathroom without a vanity room is still functioning. However, you can make the bathroom more stylish and make your bathing and makeup agenda more fun. Look more space-saving vanity or small cabinets that fit perfectly in your small bathroom. It will make your space won't look so awkward anymore with stylish green cabinetry and pink sinks. 

Smartly additional storage


If you run of space to place your toiletries, copy this bathroom storage ideas as a solution. The shower partition wall has a two perforated box design. This hole can be quite fitting to place toiletries, aromatherapy and bathroom decorations. A partition wall and storage, why not? 

Consider bathroom aesthetics views


Once you've worked on functionality and convenience in your small bathroom, consider also the visuals and the beauty in it. You can add some decorations to beautify a small bathroom. An example of bathroom greenery that will help fresh air and visuals in the bathroom. 

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