7 Pretty Pink Houseplant

7 Pretty Pink Houseplant

Homiful.com -- Unexpectedly, the dominant ornamental plants with green color have a wide variety. Moreover, when choosing ornamental plants for the corner of the room, need to put aside details in a room that is quite complicated. And this way, you can replace it with the presence of pink ornamental plants with a more radiant aura and bring natural calm. Perfection of the corner of your room at home you can realize with the selection of pink plant colors with many unique variations below:


Pretty Pink Caladium


The first beautiful ornamental plant was pretty pink Caladium. With a pink hue, that can increase the appeal for the interior or exterior of the room. Plants with a heart shape and veins can be concluded that the leaves appear thin. Other beautiful pink varieties are Caladium pink splash, Thai beauty and Florida sweetheart.

Pink Begonia


The next type is a begonia plant that has beautiful flowers suitable to be planted in a basket or container. Pink begonias will grow about 8 inches that can planted during any season.

Calathea Roseopicta


Beautiful plants with beautiful pink leaves patterned with fuchsia lines combination of pink and green on each leaf. Of course, to plant it, you need to provide adequate watering levels, temperatures, humidity and nutrients.

Tradescantia Zebrina


Including a beautiful type of hanging plant to be placed in the corner of the room or terrace of the house. Tradescantia is a hanging plant with the dominance of the color of the pink leaves of purity. Easy treatment you can plant directly in pots or poly bags.

Polka dot plant (Hypoestes)


Pink plants with attractive small leaves with a variety of bright colors will stand out as a sweetener for the interior of the room. Polka dot plants are very common with pink leaves and green speckled. The variety of spots is quite a lot such as purple, white, red colors that makes this plant stand out.

Ficus Tineke


Next is a rubber plant with the name ficus tineke. Leaves that are quite large and patterned green color is quite diverse with shades of green and beige. It can be about 30 cm high that you can plant directly in the pot.

Pink Philodendron


The last is the hearth-shaped pink princess or pink philodendron plant, with a combination of dark green and pink. Plants with this wax layer look to sparkle. It can grow up to 22 cm long and 12 cm wide. You can make tropical plants that grow indoors.

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