7 Pretty Pink House Ideas


7 Pretty Pink House Ideas

Homiful.com -- Pink color applied to the interior or exterior of the house can indeed bring a cool impression, comfortable and loving. For those of you who like the pink interior, there is no need to worry about combining the decorations like what. Even the pink color will look impressive without a striking impression to be applied to all rooms. A little review, you can see the beautiful pink house full of style and color below:

The fence and fa├žade of a beautiful house

From the outside, it looks luxurious, with a charming look of a touch of pink that many people crave. A neat impression is also seen from the selection of a fence with a similar pink color between all the facades of the house in every detail.

Best swimming pool spots

In the pink house, this time, use the front land of the house to be converted into a relaxing place. With the swimming pool in front of this house, the atmosphere becomes fresher and the pink exterior remains the main thing that looks strong and dominating.

Open landscaping ideas in a pink home

Pink house idea with the existence of open landscaping in front of the house. Its main function is not only as a swimming place. The selection of furniture of the same color makes the exterior more trendy. Instead of a relaxing spot, you can carry the flexible concept in this area so that the house remains comfortable for various activities.

Pink living room

Entering the room. This pink living room interior uses a touch that fits on several sides. Such as furniture selection, TV backdrop accents with white color and walls using beautiful polka dot wallpaper accents.

Cute bedroom

In addition to the selection of the concept of a house with a perfect pink color. You can combine several areas in the house, including the bedroom, this time with feather accents or abstract motifs on the decor. Perfect the arrangement with each functional angle as a place to store.

A room with a sustainable concept

Next is the dining room and kitchen that made the concept of sustainable easily without bulkhead. Beautiful pink interior with accents of luxurious glass glasses typical of a rich house indicates the color pink can be the main point in various rooms. Likewise, the installation of room lights and kitchen windows that remain maximum as a supplier of light in this room.

A relieved pink bathroom

Keep using pink, so the standard is important for room decorations. The beautiful bathroom also comes with full comfort and festive accents in it. The use of space bulkheads can be equipped with transparent pink waterproof curtains and softer.

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