7 Plant Propagation Easily in Water Without Needing Soil

7 Plant Propagation Easily in Water Without Needing Soil

Homiful.com -- As is knows, soils is the main medium for using plants with a mixture of fertilizers. But using soil media can make the floor messy and attract bacteria to the home environment. Well, there is one solution that you can do to multiply plants using water media with hydroponics systems. You do not need soil as the main medium, you only provide glasses and plants that have been trimmed for propagation in the water. Choose several plants from seven types of plants that can be easily planted with water below:

Pothos plants


The first plants is a popular pothos and is very good growing in water. Vines with the shape of these liver leaves will result in roots easily if the humidity is right. The treatment is not difficult, the most important thing is that maximum lighting can be overcome. You can cut one of the stems of the plant, which you can then directly grow in the water.

Pilea peperomia


Plants with this easy treatment is pilea peperomia that can provide physical and mental benefits when caring for it. The shape of leaves such as coins is widely cultivated by propagation planted in water. You can produce new plants from the base by pruning other plants that are much larger and ready to be put in the water.



This plant can also be called a purple plant that has the name Tradescantia . Vines with a very easy treatment suitable for anyone, even beginners, lovers of ornamental plants. You can use water media for new root growth that is very suitable to be brought into the room.

Snake plant


There's no way to don't know this plants. Legendary plants with many benefits and purify the air in the room. Snake plants are knowns for their fast care and growth and withstand all conditions. Even in a room with mini-light. You can also grow this plant by using water media to replace soil media. it is quite easy to plant it in water, prune the stem of this plant and the place it in a glass you can wait for it to grow new roots for a while.



The type of vines that this time has a fairly diverse type. Interior plants that you can grow by propagation is very easy to grow new roots, even if you just prune the stems and leaves directly and place them in a glass. You can wait for its to grow the roots easily, but still to change the water regularly.

Peperomia Caperata


Peperomia carperata is also one of the ornamental plants that you can grow in water. Cut healthy leaves from the parent plants, you better choose leaves that are full. Drip it in cinnamon powder to prevent spoiling or mold and leaves it on for a few hours. Change the water for a few days, and you can be patient to het the new roots to grow perfectly.



The last is a type of ornamental plant that comes from the Amazon tropical forest. This large leafy and hollow plant turns out you can also divert it s growth in the water. Using water media is believed to be fast to grow new roots. Even growing if you for quite a short time is not the same if using soil media.

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