7 Pergola Idea for Added Style and Shade

7 Pergola Idea for Added Style and Shade

Homiful.com -- Outdoor areas are increasingly the best place to hold comfortable activities during any season. There are many ways to design the outside area neatly that are useful as shade to enjoy fun new days. In addition, the shade is also useful for shelter from the heat, pergola is of course an important thing that you need. Outdoor activities will be very interesting for you to make a gathering place with a large family, such as the back of the house. Check out 7 suitable pergola ideas applied to the outside area of your home below:


Custom pergola idea with membrane roof


The first idea that will add a new style with a shady atmosphere looks beautiful with a textured membrane fabric roof. The blue color on the roof of the membrane with glossy finish for this pergola design will be more attractive when combined with a string wooden structure. Fill the lower area with sofas to fireplace for dominant outdoor activities and feel warm.

Aesthetic pergola with rustic style


The new decoration that is the shade of the back area of the house or garden this time still uses wooden structures with a cloth roof. The union of a new style with beautiful details adds a new, more romantic atmosphere. Moreover, this area is an option for you to have dinner with your partner on a weekday. Of course, this pergola you can combine with striking hanging lighting with warm nuances at night.

The idea of pergola sweltering with steel


New styles that appear durable for a period of time on the pergola design can of course be selected the same strong material. Steel pergola structure can be an option when you want to make it look modern and more classy. The concept of open without a cover is not a problem to applied. If you want more shade without heat, combine it with a glass roof that will perfect your outdoor activities.

Futuristic style pergola


This pergola idea will be very feasible if it is used as an investment material. For example, as a rental of a wedding venue, eating with a couple and even a family gathering. Pergola design you can make from cast material or solid wood panel arrangements to last for a long time.

Wood deck pergola


Next, inspired by several dwellings that apply the concept of tropical and environmentally friendly. One of them is applied to the backyard of the house, with wooden decks and similar pergola structure. This pergola ideas are made more open with elegant furniture elements around it.

Pergola with curved roof


The following pergola idea is quite dominant, seen from the selection of a curved membrane roof. The pergola design for the backyard is quite stylish. You can combine complete furniture underneath. About 3 x 3 meters size only, you can enjoy outdoor activities with open near the outdoors.

Stylish glass pergola


Lastly, there is the idea of pergola that echoes the concept of minimalist Japan. Material structure of wood material seems dominant with the combination of glass for the roof. Your experiment will not fail, if this pergola you can combine with the pool area for the summer that desperately needs a calm mind and a cool atmosphere.

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