7 Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Ideas and Inspiration

Homiful.com -- Have a different cooking experience! Try designing an outdoor kitchen in your home. An outdoor kitchen gives you many benefits. You don't have to worry about the smell of food sticking to the soft furnishings in your home. It's also a handy way to have an open kitchen with fresh air that will take your heat away. 

If you are interested in outdoor kitchen design, we've gathered 7 Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Ideas and Inspiration, that you can adapt in your home.

Simple outdoor kitchen near open courtyard


You don't need to install a cooker hood, windows, roof skylights, when designing an outdoor kitchen like this. This kitchen design is quite-simple. With a modest size, this kitchen is perfect for those of you who want to cook practically. Its position placed in the corner of the house terrace. So, you can turn the center of the room into an open dining room. Thus, enjoy the food, while looking at the fresh view of the garden.

Elegant black and wood outdoor kitchen


Create an outdoor kitchen that gives you satisfaction. You can pick kitchen furniture in shades of black and wood. The natural feel is also felt with the gravel bed in front of the kitchen. Glossy black under cabinets blend naturally with wooden countertops on it.  The kitchen is shaded by an additional roof, which allows the kitchen area not to overheat or get wet by rainwater. 

Outdoor kitchen roofed structure


The exterior terrace is perfect for a relaxing gathering place. This terrace is connected to the roofed outdoor kitchen, perfect for evening cooking activities such as barbecues. The slop floor blends well with the exposed concrete elements of the roofed structure of the outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen like this is guaranteed to increase property value. 

Separate outdoor kitchen design


The outdoor kitchen, which is separated from the main interior, offers a cooking and dining area that looks as exclusive as this. The kitchen design is dominant with natural industrial touch, such as exposed brick on the structure of the oven and bar table, wood on the cabinet and ceiling. The special bricks textures give a seamless look as a barrier and decoration in this kitchen. 

Outdoor kitchen with minimalist furniture


Not many people dare to invest a lot of furniture in an outdoor kitchen. However, the design of the outdoor kitchen is getting perfect with complete furniture in it. An outdoor kitchen that is attached to the main interior can be a versatile kitchen, if you bring a complete set of furniture in it. Alternatively, choose a white kitchen furniture design that looks clean, bright and elegant like this one. 

Inline outdoor kitchen inspo


The remaining side yard can be transformed into a chic minimalist outdoor kitchen. The side terrace is used to build a cast kitchen table with sturdy ceramics. The kitchen design is chosen in a beige color that looks bright and attractive in simplicity. You can install a small curtain to cover the empty spot under the countertop. This spot can be used as a storage area for cooking utensils. 

You can even make an outdoor kitchen in the rooftop. The rooftop kitchen design offers a more exciting cooking and gathering experience. The island kitchen is added to provide more space for  food preparation and cooking. A sink for washing dirty dishes also be presented. The kitchen floor covered with a green carpet to create a fresh and harmonization between the kitchen and rooftop design. 

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