7 Most Beautiful Strong Houseplants You Never Knew About

7 Most Beautiful Strong Houseplants You Never Knew About 

Homiful.com -- You may not recognize some ornamental plants that look attractive, so sweetener the room in the corner. Especially for lovers of ornamental plants who are just starting out with all their luck. Some of these plants you can recognize first in some dredging reviews below. Not only as a room sweetener, but also beautiful for a desk in the office.

Nerve plant


The first ornamental plant is a beautiful nerve with a striking leaf color. Plants that have care are quite easy to store in a dry and even cold room. keep the balance of the plants so that its growth remains stable and has bright leaves that last a long time.



Next is the calathea plants, which has several varieties with beautiful colors and very interesting. The leaves of a large spoon shape with this amazing pattern have a beautiful color combination. Keep it at warm room temperature and make sure it stays awake from cold winds.

Silver Vase Plant


Is is usually called the bromeliads or silver vase plant. Plants with a leaf shape almost like a snake plant that dangles has beautiful pink flowers. Be careful when watering, you can give indirect light.



The next beautiful plant is an anthurium with red lines mixed with red, easily perfected for the corner of an empty room. This anthurium plants is beautiful when blooming with red or white flowers even lavender, no need to be afraid to take care of it, this plant is relatively easy for beginners like me and your possibilities.

Red Aglaonema


The next is red aglaonema which also has quite a lot of varieties. Dark green leaves with red lines mixed with red easily make this plant more graceful and elegant for a corner of the house.

Euphorbia Tirucalli


The next unique plant is Euphorbia tirucalli. Planting with upright leaves has a height of 2 - 6 meters is often accompanied by pencil plants.

Fiddle fig


The last plant is fiddle fig, which grows from low tropical forest. Easy treatment can be an indoor plant that can be about 12 - 15 m high.

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