7 Money Plant Arrangements Ideas


Homiful.com -- Money plants are one of many people's favorite plants. Because, this plant believed to bring good luck at home. Money plants have low maintenance. No wonder so many people fall in love with them.

Money plants come with many benefits, so this plant often used for home decors to loo more beautiful. To organize. To organize a money plant, you need some ideas. Then you can try applying it at home. We will share 7 money plant arrangements ideas that will make the house even more charming!

1. Using plant shelves


Money plants, known to be plants that can bring luck and prosperity to their owners. If you have limited land, you can get around it by using plants shelves. That way, the look will look more neat and charming.

2. Pothos as beautiful curtain


Pothos is a type of money plate that can grow quickly. Pothos are plants that can bring money and luck. They have ow maintenance, pothos can even grow in low light.

3. Money tree in the corner of the room


You can make the corner of the room look attractive with beautiful money tree decorations. In addition to having a beautiful appearance, this plant can absorb toxins in the air.

4. Monstera obliqua


Monstera obliqua is the next money plant that has a beautiful leaf shape. They will grow well in indirect sunlight. For a beautiful decoration, you can add a wood in the middle as a buffer.

5. Chinese money plant as room decoration


Chinese money plant is a plants that can grow quickly. If you are indoors, you can put them in a bright place with indirect sunlight. You can put on the standing pot for a more aesthetic look.

7. Money plant hanging


Another beautiful money plant arrangement is to hang them. For a more natural look you can use a charming wooden rod.

7. Using a beautiful pot


To display the impression of beautiful pot look, you can use a beautiful pot. Interesting pot motifs will make the look of the room more stunning. That way, the Chinese money plant plant will decorate the room looks more charming.

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