7 Insanely cool ideas to upgrade your garden, terrace or patio

Homiful.com -- Beautifying the house is not only about the interior. You also need to improve the appearance of the exterior design. A terrace, garden, and patio need a touch of creativity to make it more leverage. An upgrade exterior feature will definitely improve your landscaping design look and increase the property value of your home. 

Make a garden, terrace and patio become a favorite and never boring place for you and your family. For inspiration, here are 7 Insanely cool ideas to upgrade your garden, terrace or patio.

Patio ideas over the fresh water pool


Make a freestanding patio a cool place to chat. You can create a patio design that looks like floating above a clear pool of water. A patio design like this is so charming that it makes anyone stunned. Place a comfortable set of patio seating to enjoy the beauty of the outdoor scenery and the fresh pool of water below. 

Add a garden path


A tropical garden like this brings maximum freshness and coolness. With dangling plants like a miniature of tropical forest. It seems, the garden is incomplete without a garden path. The garden path will make it easier for you to access other areas around the garden, without worrying about your shoes or foot getting dirty on the garden soil. The paths also make a garden more dynamic.

A garden with a transparent roof


The garden can be a place for you to cultivate, display and enjoy the beauty of your houseplants. You can think of the garden on the terrace as a glass house or a private nursery garden. Add a transparent roof to complete it. A transparent roof will channel the natural light that plants need. This roof also makes the sitting area more shady. 

Soothing water feature


Surrounded by natural nuances in the garden will give you peace. In addition to green plants, also present a water feature in your small garden. A small pool with a jug fountain like this is not a problem. A pool of water will make a small garden more beautiful. The sound of gurgling water will also provide a serene atmosphere when you are in the garden.

Small and fresh front porch ideas


The front porch of the house is the first place that welcomes you. Make the front porch a welcoming place that gives positive energy. Decorate it with plants in terracotta pots that contrast with the look of the terrace. The front terrace garden is also more epic, with a bonsai tree that you style in a simple topiary style. 

Provide a comfy seating


Enjoying the natural beauty of the garden will not be realized without a place to sit on. Pick one or more chairs in the garden. You can also bring an egg rattan chair with purple padding on it. The purple color complete the look on this purple garden. The soft seat will make you sit comfortably all day long while in the garden, terrace or patio area. 

Exclusive cliff garden 


Upgrade your garden by designing this artificial cliff that looks majestic and unique. This cliff garden features a mini waterfall. The failing water look so elegant on the slopping steps. The end of this waterfall has a pool of water that can become a fishpond. The well-maintained lawns enhance this magnificent cliff garden.

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