7 Ideas to Decorate Your Small Balcony

Homiful.com -- Having a narrow balcony, is often underestimated and neglected. However, who would have thought by decorating it properly will make your small balcony look more comfortable and beautiful. With the addition of the right decorations, your small balcony can become a favorite spot to relax. Some ideas that you can use, see the following article which discusses 7 Ideas to Decorate Your Small Balcony.



Additional chairs and plants

This first balcony design looks comfortable with the addition of rattan chairs that have comfortable cushions. The existence of this rattan chair will be very suitable if the surrounding decoration uses green plants, which can then create a fresh and natural atmosphere.



Small balcony as garden

Besides using it as a relaxing place, you can use the small balcony you have as a garden that can provide fresh air to the surrounding room. If you don't want to take up too much space, you can add a pot that can be displayed on the wall or balcony railing.



Additional small sofa on the balcony

Having a minimalist size, this balcony still appears with perfect comfort with the addition of a small sofa. You can adjust the use of this sofa to the size of the balcony you have in order to maximize the existing area.



Smart bench selection

The additional bench used on this small balcony can be an option for you. Why is that? The use of a bench on this balcony is not only used as a seat but also used as storage where the design of this bench has hidden drawers. You can put reading books or packaged snacks that will accompany relaxing on the balcony.

Extra hammock chair

The small balcony that you have still feels cool by completing the hammock chair and also the many plants. The use of this hammock chair is synonymous with a relaxed area that is contemporary and provides comfort. In addition, the addition of plants will make the balcony feel cool and shady. 

Black theme on balcony

Using decorations conceptually on the small balcony that you have, of course, will attract the attention of anyone who see it. In this balcony design, the use of black was chosen as the main concept to be displayed. However, on this balcony it is still combined with other colors as a variation that is not boring on the balcony.



Additional table that complements the facilities on the balcony

The last balcony design that you can apply has a beautiful appearance with natural shades that use white combined with wood colors. An additional table is also present on this balcony that it is not only suitable for relaxing, but can also be used as a place to have dinner while enjoying the view openly.





This is the review of 7 Ideas to Decorate Your Small Balcony. From the design above, which is your favorite?

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