7 Houseplants that Grow in Low Light

7 Houseplants that Grow in Low Light

Homiful.com -- Low light is one of the challenges that are quite complicated for lovers of ornamental plants. Many plants grow in shady areas and tend to need intense light when planted indoors. Unless you provide maximum lighting, this can help ornamental plants grow  more fertile. However, you can have several types of plants that thrive even in low light conditions. See 7 types of plants that you will be able to include in the list of favorite plants at home:




Philodendron is a very popular ornamental plant because of its easy care and will give an extra tropical atmosphere to the room. With low light conditions, this plant can tolerate it well, but it is certain that even bright light is understandable but not for a long time.

Ficus Lyrata


Ficus Lyrata is a plant from West Africa that has a leaf shape like a violin. If placed indoors, this plant will grow tall and fertile. However, if you choose to place it outdoors, this plant will grow much higher with good light tolerance.

Ficus Elastica


Still about rubber plants, this one has the name ficus elastica which can grow up to 25 - 30 meters high. It can grow naturally in tropical regions that have many types of species.

Coleus Sunday


Coleus is a versatile plant because it can enjoy all year round. Although stored indoors, this plant will show its beautiful and colorful leaves. To grow this plant has shown its stunning leaves, this all depends on the climate of your area that can be adjusted.

Snake Plant


Sansevieria species is an indoor plant that can grow in all conditions, including low light. With a striking look, this plant needs not so confusing care. This snake plant thrives in shady conditions and as it can tolerate light is quite shady as well. No need to water this plant excessively so that when it does not make rotten roots and will kill the plant.

Monstera Deliciosa


Next ups is Monstera Deliciosa which is also known as philodendron with leaves that divide, dive and grow large. This deep green leaf grows well in low-light room conditions, if too much lighting will make the leaves of this plant burn.

Birds Paradise Plant


Tropical herbaceous plants that always have green leaves commonly called bird paradise plant is  from South Africa. Many refer to it as the 'banana tree' because of the shape of the leaves that are very titled with banana plants. Treatment can be carried out precisely, especially in terms of light conditions.

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