7 Houseplants that Grow In Dry Air

Homiful.com -- Plants in the house can make the room look bright and fresh. Some types of houseplants can also filter toxins and moisturize the air the room. The house will be healthier and homey.
To help you get references, we've put together 7 houseplants that grow in dry air that you can grow home!

1. Snake plant


Snake plant is one of the best indoor plants and has man benefits. They can even live in any room condition. One of them, snake plant, will survive in a dry room and ma the room feel cooler.

Snake plants have low maintenance, suitable for those of your who do not have much time to take care of them.

2. Wax plant or Hoya cornosa


The second plant is a wax plant that has the Botanical name Hoya cornosa. Wax plant is a beautiful indoor plant. They are even easy to grow at home. Beautiful leaves will decorate of your home.

3.  Aloe Vera


In addition to having many benefits for health and beauty, Aloe vera can also moisturize the air in the room. No wonder, many use them as complement to the decors of the room.

4. String of pearl


String of pearls is one type of indoor plant that does not require much care. They can even survive in dry environments.

5. Bunny ear cactus


Look how adorable the shape of Bunny ear cactus is. They have the benefits of improving the air quality in the room. Plants in the house will make your feel happier.

6. Jade plants


Jade plant is the next best indoor plant that generally has easy maintenance. It is very suitable to grow to a beginner gardener. This plant believed to bring good luck

7. Succulents


Indoor plants that will survive in other dry rooms are succulents. Succulent has a variety of beautiful shapes. They'll look cute in your room.

That's 7 houseplants that grow in dry that can inspire you. I hope the information above is useful.

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Author : Hafsah

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