7 DIY Hanging Herb Garden Ideas for Small Space

7 DIY Hanging Herb Garden Ideas for Small Space

Homiful.com -- There are many ideas for designing a home garden that is very suitable for beginners or experienced. As you can use a small area around the house, you can do in many ways. One of them, is to  grow herbal plants that may make spending more efficient. You can grow this plant the idea of a vertical garden that will update the area around the corner of the room. Create your own  DIY  garden to  provide  new  innovations that are increasingly  interesting and  good for lovers of living gardens. Check out the ideas at 7 DIY Hanging Herb Garden Ideas for Small Space below:

Reuse plastic bottles


The first herbal garden idea is with plastic pots that can be affixed to the surface of the wall or fence. Choose several types of spices plants or vegetables that are easy to grow in a small space. Periodically arrange the top so that watering can be done easily as it looks.

IKEA wall panels


To install a row of herbal plants in the garden area or yard, as a way you can use wall panels that are directly connected to pots from IKEA like this. This idea is easy for you to do for some areas in the house such as fences, wall or poles that will perfect many herbal plant reservoirs at home.

Hanging on the kitchen ceiling


The idea may not be similar to before. But this way is quite easy, you make an option to maximize the small size. Take advantage of every  corner or ceiling of the kitchen space that will fill the void with space. Make sure you hang the plant with a strong rope and give a hook between the two so that it does not fall easily.

Build a vertical herbal garden palette


Adjusting the area around the house with the selection of tools for growing herbal plants can be easily done with an easy iron palette to be used as a place to plant anything. You can even store it with a hanging pot mounted around the pallet perfectly. Fill it at the bottom or from the top to make the garden area more beautiful.

One pot for many herbal plants


Although by hanging, you can choose a new way with a pot model that has quite a lot of holes. So that one pot and one hang, you can have more than 2 herbs.

Herbal garden with iron frame


Color the corner of the room in the house with a herbal garden using iron panels that frame neatly on the left, right side. Arrange neatly with 3 levels and spaced to help to growth of herbal plants so faster. Makes sure if the area has intense lighting for perfect light and photosynthetic intake.

Vertical garden farming model with poles


Using a new farming style will make the garden at home more creative. Moreover, this idea is made with environmentally friendly materials using each wood and clay pot. A natural look will probably match any kind of herbal plant needed.

Vertical garden with curtain stems


You must like the IDEA OF DIY that you can take advantage of some curtain bars easily obtained at home. You can use an S shape hook that will give the impression of dynamic and easy-to-reach gardens to make yourself.

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