7 Cute and Beautiful Indoor Cordyline Varieties

7 Cute and Beautiful Indoor Cordyline Varieties

Homiful.com -- Cordyline is an ornamental plant that thrives outdoors. Very good plants, so sweetener the room with a long and pointed shape. Usually cordyline has roughly textured leaves with green, yellow, red and white, purple and purplish red warrants. Some types of cordyline plant, you can see in the following reviews:

Cordyline Terminalis Octane


Beautiful leaf shape with shiny color has a beautiful blend. Blackish red with shine on each leaf give an attractive look. Cordyline is very fitting so a sweetener garden at home.

Cordyline Fruticosa Miss Andrea


This Cordyline miss Andrea has a beautiful blend of cream and pastel green on the leaves that look disheveled. The shape of the curved leaves looks shiny with beautiful details in them.

Cordyline Purple Variegated


Looks beautiful with purplish color. This cordyline is very special because of the color of the leaves mixed with a little yellow on the edges. This plant seems to glow in the dark and is very beautiful, so it enhances the shine in all rooms.

Cordyline Fruticosa


The color of the leaves is very attractive with a mixture of dark green, light green, easy red and a little purity, so one of the characteristics of this cordyline fruticosa. Unlike the other leaf shape, this leaf has a pointed shape and a little taper does not hurt.

Cordyline "Chocolate Queen"


Cordyline this one has a rope-like leaf with a wide shape than usual. Wide brown leaves with purple, red and silver center lines that look yellow. This lush tropical look can grow in large pots or in the garden of the house.

Cordyline Terminalis


Next is the terminalis cordyline with a plain-looking leaf shape with textured detail. Beautiful leaf fiber has a slightly pink red leaf edge with a shiny look.

Cordyline Pink Passion


The shape of the leaves' area different as others, this passion pink cordyline has a curved leaf shape with an easy red color of bright purple. The shape of the sword-like leaves decorated with bold red edges was very beautiful to place in the corner of the room.

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