7 Creative Tiny House Ideas For Inspiration


Homiful.com -- Tiny house designs are growing in popularity and have many enthusiasts. Because tiny house offer all the practicality and convenience. It's no wonder so many fall in love with tiny homes.

Before designing your tiny house, check out 7 creative tiny house ideas for inspiration below!

1. Facade of house

Tiny house as the name implies has a smaller size than the usual house. The exterior of this tiny house filled with neutral color that make the look of the dwelling more relieved. The terrace can be used to relax and receive guests. It's a lot of fun. in's it?

2. Comfortable living room

To help you save the room, you can design the living room as well as a comfortable TV room. The living room is one of the most frequently used rooms. Good design will make the room more homey.

3. Using the open plant concept

To make the house more relived, you can apply the concept of an open plan. Between the living room, dining room, and kitchen designed in the same room without a room partition. That wat, the impression of space will be wider. Moreover, this house equipped with mezzanine floors to maximize the capacity of a narrow room size.

4. All-white kitchen

A kitchen filled with white always manages to make the impression of a more relieved and clean look. One line kitchen recommended for narrow rooms.

5. Mirror decoration in the bathroom

Narrow size is no longer a problem to have a beautiful bathroom. Try using mirror decorations to make the reflection of the room wider. Combine it with good lighting.

6. Twin children's bedroom

The room on the mezzanine floor can used as a cozy children's bedroom. Two twin beds are the best solution to save space.

7. Modern master bedroom

The master bedroom made attractive with a charming dominance of neutral colors. Moreover the bedroom equipped with windows that allow natural lighting to enter to the maximum.

That's 7 creative tiny house ideas for inspiration that you can use as a guideline. I hope the information above use useful.

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