7 Common Snake Plant Problems & How To Fix Them

 Homiful.com - Snake plants or has botanical name with Sanseviera are popular houseplants at this world. Besides, the plants have function as air filtration and make good the atmosphere, suitable to place at high humidity. Then, you can see these 7 Common Snake Plant Problems & How To Fix Them. Check it out1

Stunted Growth


Not showing any visible to grow in a long period, maybe your snake plants are susceptible to mealybugs and spider mites. Then, fix them, with keep snake plants under bright indirect light for 4-5 hours a day. You can also rub the underside of the foliage with a cotton pad dabbed in neem oil to keep the mites away.

Leaves Are Turning Yellow


Like many problems, leaves turning yellow caused by overwatering. Then, you can fix them by avoiding frequent watering. And then, test the moisture of the soil about once a week with a meter or your finger. The soil should be left to dry out almost completely before watering again.

Wrinkled Leaves


Normally, snake plant leaves have deep color with shiny. If the plant has wrinkled and dull leaves, this is a sign that the plant not right. There are many causes for wrinkled leaves, but most are related to temperature. It will take a while for the plant to acclimatize, but it should eventually return to normal on its own.

Leaves Splitting


Leaves splitting caused mainly due to physical damage and low humidity levels, which leads to dehydrated foliage with cracks and splits. Fix them with put snake plants at 40-50% humidity. Then, don't water the plant until the topsoil turns dry, use a finger or moisture meter to check the soil's moisture.

Leaves Have Brown Spot or Tips


Cold drafts freeze up the plant cells, prolonged exposure to the scorching sun, excessive nutrients, and slat buildup due to hard tap water can cause brown leaves. Fix snake plants with save the plant from cold drafts. Use fertilizer in week strength, as snake plants grow best in soil with low nutrients.

Roots are Brown and Mushy


While doing repotting and seeing mushy and brown roots, don't worry. It can be due to overwatering and fungal infection. Then, fix them with to prevent root rot and fungal infection, don't let the plant sit in water, especially in humid and wet weather. Trim the affected areas of roots before transplanting the plant into a new container.

Deformed Leaves


Snake plants that not look mushy or falling over, but still don't seem quite right, you may have a pest infestation on your hands. Then, you can make watering, keep a close eye out for signs of pest or disease problems. Pests can be removed with natural homemade pest sprays or with horticultural oil found at your local nursery.

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