7 Colorful, Mood-Boosting Houseplants to Brighten Your Space

Homiful.com -- Plants are proven to make us happier. Moreover, if we have plants that are not only green, but more colorful even beautiful blooming flowers. The colorful plant will make the space more beautiful and bright, wherever you put that. Not to mention, our affected mood becomes more positive when we see the plant. 

Just for you, here are 7 Colorful, Mood-Boosting Houseplants to Brighten Your Space.

Coleus plant with beautiful foliage


Brighten up the corner of your house with coleus plants. This plant has leaves with variety of colorful shades. Some even have 3 color range combination that easily catch our attention. As a houseplant, you can grow this plant in a bright place with little direct sunlight, such as on a patio or windowsill. 

Caladium Freckles


Look how stunning this caladium freckles is! The freckles in pinkish and white give a splash of beauty to its green foliage. Caladium prefers a bright, indirect light as a houseplant. Water them in regular basis, however, don't overwater the plant. You can use a cool-mist humidifier if you want to mist the Caladium. 

Gerbera Daisy


Switch to plants with charming flowers. One of them is Gerbera Daisy. This flower will be a mood-boosting houseplant that brightens and beautifies your place. Flowers of white, yellow, red, orange, purple, pink and so on will provide a festive freshness wherever you put them.  

Wax Begonia


Begonia is a houseplant that should be included in your wishlist. This plant is so beautiful with small wide leaves with a center pattern that resembles a heart shape. Begonia was also has small pink flowers that appear to be sticking out of the leaves underneath. 

Polka Dot plant


Polka dot plant or Hypoestes phyllostchya will enchant you with stunning, brightly variegated leaves. This type of polka dot plant in a deep red color looks perfect in a unique pot, making these small leafy plants more luxurious. You can put it near the window. Like the most plants, touch the soil, if it feels dry, water it immediately. 

Marantha Lemon Lime


Bring green plants with a splash of natural freshness, you can choose the type of maranta plant, to be precise, maranta lemon lime. This is one of a kind praying plant. This plant can move the leaves open and close, like praying. Its uniqueness is also supported by the leaf pattern with prominent leaf bones and a very bright lemon green color.  

String of hearts


Beautify your vertical space. You can hang some hanging plants. One of them is a string of hearts. This plant can dangle beautifully in a pot that you hang. Very fitting to be placed near the window. 

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