7 Best Tips to Grow a Healthy Peace Lily Plant

7 Best Tips to Grow a Healthy Peace Lily Plant

Homiful.com -- Beautiful plants with white flowers commonly known as peace lilies are quite popular in many people. Plants that can bring life so more beautiful have enough benefits for air purifiers as well as beautiful decorations in the room. You can tuck into a container and let the stunning shiny leaves of flowers steal your attention. This plant has easy care, so no infrequently anyone deserves to have it, even though only one in his home. In this discussion, we will give a few best tips for growing healthy and beautiful lilies plants of all time:

To grow a peace lilies plant, you can listen to the following tips:


The first thing you need to do when you start taking care of lilies is to pay attention to the lighting. The perfect light for this plant is a low light that can easily develop partial shade. Do not put this plant in the sun, which can cause damage to its leaves. Keep in mind if when growing in dim light, this plant rarely blooms. Placed in an east-facing window sill, this is an ideal way to avoid the intensity if sunlight  during the day.



The second is that the temperature that will consistently increase the growth of lilies well. About 18 to 26 C. Currently, growing peace lilies plants beyond requires a tropical microclimate to survive.



The next is with proper fertilization will grow peace lilies at home so healthy. In spring and summer, you can use organic ornamental plant fertilizer that can help with wrapping. because this plant is very sensitive to chemical fertilizers, therefore organic fertilizer is highly recommended. Use fertilizers that have high phosphorus levels so that the flowering is faster.



Because the original environment is tropical and humid, lilies love water. Watering is indeed important in ornamental plants, as well as this peace lilies. Arrange watering in the summer to maintain faster flowering.

Healthy drainage


Peace lilies are very ranged with bowed roots, it is significant for those of you who  take care of this plant to ensure it provides dry plants between watering. Use a hollow container that can drain water well.



What you can do when planting lilies in the winter and the roots start to look, seems like you can move to a larger container. Gradually, you can move to a large container that is 10 inches larger that a root ball. Repotting every year in the spring, this method, will help fresher and denser flowering.



The attraction of the peace lilies plant is its stunning white flowers. This plant is excepted to flower throughout the season that you can show off to relatives. This plant has blooms that are not the same as other plants. But you can try to see how to make lilies bloom faster in this review How to Get Peace Lily Bloom.

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