7 Best Small Garden Design for Small Space

Homiful.com -- A small land can be the best garden for your home. This small garden will be a thing that beautifies the look of your home, either in the front yard or the back of your house. You'll also get a pleasant fresh atmosphere. After all, having a garden on a small land will make it easier for you. Small gardens tend to be easy for you to clean and maintain, rather than super spacious garden that require over-maintenance. 

For you, here are 7 Best Small Garden Design for Small Space.

Small garden with coral rocks features


Don't worry if you only have a small and limited open area. You can make it maximum like this. This garden has green features of bonsai trees that give it its own-uniqueness. The garden will also have a beautiful contrast with the white and black coral rocks that covers part of the lawn. 

Garden on the small and narrow space

A small, narrow and elongated space will be part of your front and backyard garden. Areas like this are indeed fitting to be access that connects the front and rear areas. Create a walk path as the center of this elongated garden. Fill the sides of the garden with container garden models, if the land is too small for you to plant various plants on it. 

Small indoor garden with water feature


Create an oasis in your home. The garden in the house can be your goal to find fresh air without having to leave the house. You can create an indoor garden in the void area. Fresh wind and sufficient sunlight will make the garden fresh and bright. Add a water feature to give this void garden a more natural effect.  

Small garden with unique shape

Use a small area to create a small garden that is unique and pleasing to the eye. You can add shapes to make your small garden more dynamic. For example, adding adobe blocks to provide a boundary between the garden land and the lawn. Even just with familiar green plants, you can get such a beautiful garden. 

Colorful small garden


Small land near the entrance, liven up it by making it a garden. It's not difficult to make the garden. You even just need to arrange your potted plants in the small area. Pay attention to the composition of the color of the foliage. Add plants in bright colors to make the garden more colorful. 

Cozy water pond for the tiny garden in the corner of the house


With this water box, the smallest land will become a beautiful garden with character. This pool of water will fill an empty corner in the house. The crystal clear water features filled with rocks provide clarity of thought and feeling to anyone who sees it. The pool also has a refreshing greenery decoration. 

Small garden with fishpond


A small garden will be more amazing with a fishpond. Fishpond offer refreshing and eye-pleasing visuals. Fishpond can also be entertainment to spend the weekend while caring for and watching the fish grow healthy and big. Plant some plants to provide clean air supply for the fish. 

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