7 Best Living Room Plants to Dress Up Your Space

Homiful.com -- There are many ways to dress up your living room. However, an interesting beneficial way is to decorate your living space with plants. You can use indoor plants into functional decoration. The presence of plants will make the living room vibe feel so fresh. Some plants are also active to filter toxins and purify the air quality indoors. Indoor plants will definitely make the living room more attractive. 

If you intend to decorate the living room with plants in it, here are 7 Best Living Room Plants to Dress Up Your Space. Those plants can be a good reference for arranging plants in your living room. 

A broad choice of plants


A broad choice of plants, you can place them to dress up your space. For example, alocasia plants, rubber plants and any types of evergreens. Place it in areas that do not interfere with mobile access, such as next to the sofa, small corner space and under the stairs. You can also put a table plant to fill the coffee table. 

Greenery on the unique holder


Monstera plants and palm plants are a type of greenery that you can place indoors. Make the green plants look more stand out, literally. Try placing your potted plants in a pot holder. You can choose the type of elegant pot holder as above. Pot holder made of terrace or porcelain with a stylish shape, surely, it will make the living space look so attractive. 

Surround the living room with plants


Luckily, if you have a living room with open or glass doors like this. This area can be a favorite place for plants. You can also dress up the living room with plants in it. Place the plants in visible spots, such as near the TV table, and create a floating shelf containing dangling plants, such as pothos, English ivy and so on. 

Pick low-maintenance plants


If you are such a busy person, but you want to dress up the living room with plants, consider to choose a low-maintenance plants such as pothos plants, sansevieria or palm. The plants can live without extra watering and care. Put one to three plants, if you want a minimalist impression not to disappear from your living space. 

Calathea lutea plant for elegance


This plant is also known as cigar calathea. Characteristics of plants that grow tall, slender with glossy banana-leaf-look-like, it can give elegance to the living room. Everything is so beautiful with the combination of a green sofa and orange single sofas.  The cigar plant accompanies the green sofa. 

Fresh corner of the TV room


Indoor gardening can even be done in the corner of the TV room. Green plants with dark green leaves, it gives  a tropical vibe into the living space. You can choose any types of philodendron plants, cigar plants and others. Place the low-sized plant in a pot holder to make it stand out from the rest of the greenery. 

Snake plants on the coffee table


Perfect the small and minimalist living room with plants in it. Use the coffee table to put one of your potted plants. Pick a snake plants or sansevieria trifasciata is a good idea. A leaf-shaped tablecloth like this makes a perfect base for a potted plant on it.

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