7 Best Indoor Plants for Anxiety and Depression

7 Best Indoor Plants for Anxiety and Depression

Homiful.com -- A stressful and unsettled mind will indeed be very annoying. The treatment is also quite diverse, done by many people. But there is the best and easiest way to relieve the mind that is being ed down and feel depressed, namely with ornamental plants. Caring for ornamental plants is believed to be the best way to maintain your mental health. Below there are some plants that are good for relieving stress and can be a list of plants that are suitable to be placed in the room or workspace. Here's the review:



First is lavender with a soothing aroma with a beautiful purple color. In addition to being one of the plants oils to prevent mosquitoes. Plants grow as a cure for anxiety, depression is also a problem of sleep difficulties. You can plant it in pots or around your garden.



Bright flowers petals, this Gerbera can calm the body and make the interior of your room brighter, In addition to being a tranquilizer, it can also remove benzene from the air, which is a chemical.



This beautiful chrysanthemum flower has a bright color and is very beautiful. From its beauty and aroma, this plant can help reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety. When drunk in a tea mixture, this flower can calm the mind and increase your metabolism.



Jasmine becomes one of the plants with a fragrant aroma that can calm the mind. Plants with this easy treatment have the benefit of quite a lot of jams, so anxiety sedatives. You can put it in a tea mixture with a very fragrant jasmine aroma.



Chamomile is also often used as a sleeping plants. Antianxiety plants to help you sleep better, you can make a drink into the tea mix also as a helper to reduce inflammation.



Peppermint is a herbal plant that is widely used for product. In addition to having these benefits, this plants can also increase alertness and decrease frustration that has a fresh aroma if mixed into warm water for a long soak.

Aloe Vera


The plant that grows strong in all indoor or outdoor weather has a very preferred ability as an ornamental plant. Aloe Vera can heal a wide range of widespread wound as well as chemical removers from the air, as well as relieve acute anxiety.

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