7 Best Ideas You Can Do with Snake Plants

Homiful.com -- Snake plants or sansevieria are must-have plants for houseplant lovers. Not without reason, this plant is very easy to care for. Having stiff and upright leaves with a variety of colors makes the snake plant a unique plant and suitable as a living decoration at home. 

Apart from that, there are also some things you might not know about snake plants. You can make it more than just air purifying plants or home decorations. What are those? Find the answer on 7 Best Ideas You Can Do with Snake Plants

You can grow it higher


You may often see snake plants look small or in the form of succulents. In fact, snake plants can grow to nearly 8-feet-in-height under the right conditions. To make it grow tall, you have to choose the right type of sansevieria. Place it in a place with sufficient sunlight and do proper watering. 

Make your snake plants a living fence


Snake plants or sansevieria are so easy to propagate. This plant can also grow tall and likes direct sunlight. This fact makes the snake plant a suitable living fence to surround your house. Your home will feel more shady and fresh. 

Grow the flowers!


Did you know that some types of snake plants produce flowers? The flowers are small white with a refreshing aroma, from earthy, citrus and vanilla scent. Flowering snake plants could be viewed as a rare occurrence. Even so, you can try to grow the flowers. The flowers will appear due to a mild sustained stress. Root-bound triggers sansevieria to flower. Don't worry, the flowers don't hurt the plants. 

Make this plant a gift


Make this plant a gift. Snake plants are a type of plant that is very easy to care for, so your friends who are not used to caring for plants can enjoy the benefits of snake plants that can clean the air in the room. You can try braiding sansevieria cylindrical to make it look beautiful as a gift.

Keep away from your pets!


Yes, this plant is a plant that so easy to get and to care for! Even soo, keep the snake plants away from your pets and toddler. The pointed leaves can injure the toddler. Meanwhile, ingested leaves of snake plants can cause indigestion to poisoning in pets. 

Snake plants a mosquito repellent


Snake plants may not be your pet's friend. However, this could be your best friend. When caring for plants can invite insect and mosquitoes, unlike a snake plant! This plant produces saponins that can repel mosquitoes. 

Make this plant a friend to sleep at night


This plant also gives you fresh air to breathe throughout the day. This beautiful green plant releases oxygen at night. Snake plant can be one of the plants that are suitable for the bedroom. The air in your bedroom will feel fresh and better, you will also get a good and better sleep cycle. 

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