7 Beautiful Cut Flower Plants You Can Regrow From a Bouquet

 Homiful.com - Receiving bouquet from friends make the day feel happy. However, instead of letting the bouquet flowers be left to dry, take advantage by regrow them. Look at these 7 Beautiful Cut Flower Plants You Can Regrow From a Bouquet. Check it out!


Put a piece of chrysanthemum flowers in a pot or container to plant them. Fill the pot with moist, loamy, well-draining, and airy soil. Keep the Chrysanthemum flowers in bright indirect light and the cutting will form roots in several weeks.



Regrow hydrangea from bouquets for pretty houseplant. Select the piece of Hydrangea with stems that have leaves. Then, cut the bottom leaves, and leaving the top set intact. Put the Hydrangea in a pot with peat moss mixture and horticulture per lite or sand.



Honeysuckle that from bouquet can regrow. Snip away the bottom leaves and leaving two at the top of stems. Put Hydrangea that can be rooted in both soil and water. The root of Hydrangea will grow in 2-4 weeks.



Put a piece of Azalea that cutting by simply half an inch of the end. Then, dip in to the container with well draining potting mix. Put the Azalea in bright and indirect light. The plants will root in 4-6 weeks.



Lilac with sweet smelling can regrow with cutting flower from bouquet. Cut away the bottom half inch, and then dip in at pots. Covering the pot with a plastic bag for humidity. And Lilac will root in 6-8 weeks.



Rose is the flower that must have in bouquet. You can regrow this flower by cutting from the bouquet. Snip half an inch of stem from the bottom. Then, dip it in a rooting and plant in a seed.



Regrow Lavender that cutting with take a few millimeters off the bottom end. Then, dip the cut end in a rooting hormone and plant it in a pot filled with a seed starting mix. Lavender will root 3-5 weeks.

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