7 Adorable Pink Succulent for Your Dead Gorgeous Garden

7 Adorable Pink Succulent for Your Dead Gorgeous Garden

Homiful.com -- Adorable succulent will be a lot of fun for you to have in a garden that has been shabby and worn out. Growing for succulent loves, pink, is one of the must-have dreams. Because succulent pink is a great gift to give a little change to the garden at home. With this pink succulent, of course, it will change the garden that is quite boring with green. You can see the list of types in the review below:

Echeveria Agavoides 'Red Ebony'


The first plant to become prima donna was echeveria red ebony. Although  famously slow, taking care of it must be with love. Succulents are beautiful with a structural shape and easy to maintain because they are very strong. You can plant it in the summer, and put it outdoors to show off its pink beauty. Not only that, the pointed tip of the leaves look attractive with a little dazzling pink buds.

 Graptoveria Ruby Donna


This ruby Donna succulent plant can be planted in a small pot on dry soil. To grow, it takes about 2 weeks. You can provide normal care with just a little watering. Pink still looks beautiful adorable on this plant which is followed by a little green middle easily when still young.

Chubby Orange Monroe


Like a lumpy and adorable jelly. This chubby Monroe echeveria has a beautiful blend of bright pink and orange colors. Similarly, in some areas of the stems that appear pale with a pale white color. You can plant it carefully and in dry pots that for the size.

Pinguicula Florian


Next is the pink succulent with the name pinguicula florian. It is a Butterworth carnivorous plant that has a plant size with a diameter of about 0.5 to 1 inch. This pink leaf has a unique shape and looks textured.

Echeveria Lauren


Another hybrid is echeveria lauren which looks very different. Fat plants with pink color looks beautiful because it has a combination of other colors such as pale green and white. The tips of the leaves are pointed and pink can be seen blooming with a dense leaf shape.

Echeveria Debbie


This pink succulent plant that shows off the shape of this beautiful rose has a bluish-purple leaf tip that can turn pink when stressed. With fairly easy maintenance, you can pay attention to irradiation, water needs. The plant can grow up to 20 cm wide and tall.

Echeveria Neon Light


The latter is a succulent plant with bare roots that can grow to a height of about 6.2 inches and 4  inches. Beautiful pink, light green leaf color with a little pink edge is very stunning for the interior of the rooms or garden at home.

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