Stylish Small Apartment Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space -- There are many reasons why people choose to live in tiny apartments, even with just one bedroom. The most frequent reason may be, a more affordable price, close to access to work or school/university. In addition, living in a tiny apartment can give you a happier or lower-stress life. You will also get a very cozy apartment, with a stylish bedroom in it. 

For more ideas, here are Stylish Small Apartment Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space.

Small bedroom with low furniture design


Maximize a small space in a tiny apartment by choosing furniture in a low design like this. You can replace the big bed with a low wooden bed. Place a soft mat on it. Pick a cushion chair design with a low table too. All low furniture will make the room more spacious and airy. This arrangement also provides a visual space that looks harmonious.  

Add color to a small apartment bedroom

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Do you live in a rented apartment? Make your rental feel like home. If you are limited in decorating the defaults of apartment rooms, be creative with color. You can pick sheets in a bright yellow or mustard color. Also add color to your choice of wall decor, like this small apartment bedroom, look so artsy with colored posters or paintings. 

Elegant bedroom design


A bedroom in a neutral color palette like this brings an elegant look to it. The owner separates the bed with a relaxing place to sit here. The separation is done with a metal cabinet that is neatly lined up beside the mattress. This small room design is also perfect for those who bring a pet cat to live in an apartment, thanks to a wooden cat condo in a sleek design. 

Minimize treatment on windows

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In apartment rooms, windows can be a source of life. The window is a source of light and air entering the room. Make sure the windows function optimally by not over-treating them. You can add sheet curtains or just use the window sills to put a little aromatherapy and so on. 

More dynamic with soft furnishings in black

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If you like the design of a small bedroom that is more masculine but still elegant, you can adapt this bedroom idea. Some soft furnishings such as a round rug, a bean bag, and a throw. Although not much, black or dark color make the room more dynamic. 

Add air freshener

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Your room does feel cooler with air conditioning or an electric fan. However, try to bring indoor plants into your apartment bedroom. One plant is enough. Plants will provide a fresh visual appealing. It can also help to filter toxins and purify the air you breathe. 

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