Snake Plant Leaves Curling? Find Out The Cause and How to Fix it! -- Snake plant that has curly leaves, of course, will interfere with the appearance and indicate that it is not healthy. Of course, you want a healthy snake plant with a perfect appearance for freshness and maximum oxygen it produces. Some of the things that might happen to your snake plant when the leaves' curl will be discussed in the following article, along with the things you need to do to overcome them.



The first problem that may occur is related to lighting. Too much light will cause the plant to lose a lot of water and cause the leaves to curl. However, the lack of light will also stress him out because this plant likes indirect warm light. The solution you can do is to pay attention to the placement of the plants and the lighting. You can put it occasionally on the window for sufficient light intake.



As with lighting, watering too much or not watering will make your snake plant grow unhealthy. Lack of water will make the snake plant leaves curl up and even dry brown. While too much watering will make the snake plant mushy and easy to rot, usually marked by yellowing of the leaves. The solution you can do is to pay attention to the distance of the watering. You can water the snake plant within a week 2-3 times





Repotting becomes important as the snake plant grows larger. Repotting, is usually done when the pot is no longer able to accommodate the size of the snake plant. If you don't move it immediately, it could be that the leaves curl up due to limited root growth in absorbing nutrients. So, the solution you can do is to check whether it's time for your plant to repot or not. If so, immediately move the snake plant to a larger pot so that the roots can function properly and the leaves will grow healthily.



Fertilizer and Soil


Snake plant is one of the plants with easy maintenance and does not require a lot of fertilizer consumption. Most of the fertilizers you use on your snake plant will cause the leaves to curl and the roots to be easily damaged. Apart from fertilization, improper soil pH will also inhibit the processing of chlorophyll, which is very important for photosynthesis. The solution you can do is to check the pH using a tool that you can buy in the market. For fertilization, you can use a balanced fertilizer that is rich in nitrogen, or you can also use an organic fertilizer that is more friendly.


Rot Root


Rolling leaves can also occur due to rotting roots. Root rot can be caused by too much water intake. The solution you can get is to check the roots for a certain period of time, because rotten roots are difficult to mark. The curling and yellowing of the leaves due to rotting of the roots can no longer be saved.



Pests and Fungi


Fungal infections and insect attacks on the snake plant are able to absorb the juice and nutrients in the leaves so that they will curl up. If you find mold or insects, you can deal with them by regularly wiping the leaves with a small amount of alcohol for a shiny and healthy result. In addition, you can use neem oil, which is, known to be effective against insects.



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