New Variant! How to Grow Global Green Pothos Plant

New Variant! How to Grow Global Green Pothos Plant -- A new variant of the fresh green pothos plant is global green with fun green colorful leaves. This plant has a distinctive feature with center-green leaves and display the edges of a darker green color. Thanks to all the chlorophytes on these leaves, you can find global greens with fast planting compared to other varieties. This global green pothos plant is a low-maintenance variety with high popularity. To get fertile care, you can listen to ways to grow this plant at home.

Information about the global green pothos plant


Global green pothos is a new plant in the scope of tropical plants. This shiny green foliage motif with a little lime and emerald color has easy care. Like plants in general that need bright lighting but not directly to maintain the amazing color of the leaves. You need to learn more about this plant to grow it in more detail and easily at home.

Global care green pothos plant


Taking care of this plant is very easy, and maybe almost anyone can do it. Plants with this marble variety have less chlorophyll on their leaves, with a lighter color. To care for and grow it, you need several ways below:



Because it is classified as a plant that grows in tropical rainforest, this global green pothos plant needs to be watered at the right time. Do watering when the soil dries only, that way, you can start the treatment of plants easily and periodically.

The right land


Ideally, this global green pothos plant needs a standard mixture of good soil and good quality. PH ideal between 6 and 6.5 that you can find with a mixture of potting soil or vermiculite for extra drainage.

In addition, you can mix 2 parts peat with 1 part perlite and 1 part grated pine bark. Because the soil is influential for the irrigation process. This plant is easy to care for unless it uses solid soil.



To take care of this global green pothos plant, make sure you provide nutrients regularly with a little compost or aquarium water to increase leaf production. Never cultivate or burn pothos plants excessively, that will make the leaves grow old quickly and yellow.



Because it comes from tropical rains, global green pothos require bright, indirect sunlight that is not so shady. Unlike other types, this plant is not strong is a very dim light state. This reason is because these leaf spots produce less chlorophyll on the lighter greens.



Global green pothos love comfortable temperatures around 60 - 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Place plants away from doors or windows to avoid the winter wind.


This tropical plant does not feel at home when placed in a hot atmosphere, because the original plant is derived from tropical rainforest. With a regular humidity level, this plant is easy to grow even indoors.

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