Indoor Plants That Even Look Great in Small Pots --  Many studies have shown that plants give a major contribution to mental and physical health. Plants make us healthier and happier. There are many plants that positively affect air quality. There are also plants that make us calmer, focused and more creative. 

Indoor gardening can be done in any corner of the house. However, if you want a type of plant doesn't take up too much space, here are Indoor Plants That Even Look Great in Small Pots.

Spider Plant


Spider plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. They grow easily without special care. Green leaves with white edges look so fresh. The leaves are elongated and slender. Great for DIY hanging pots or regular small pots. Spider plants look like hair from this attractive painted pot. 

Monstera deliciosa


The Swiss cheese plant is native to tropical forest of southern Mexico. The leaves are large green with holes and curved sides that are created naturally. It doesn't matter if you use a pot smaller than the leaves, no problem. Just make sure the pot can accommodate the monstera deliciosa roots optimally.

Sansevieria hahnii


Almost every knows this plant. Sansevieria becomes an indoor plant that must be owned by many lovers of houseplants. There are also a type of sansevieria that even looks good in a small pot, namely sansevieria hahnii. These plants include bird's nest sansevieria plants. The grow fast in small sizes. 

Crasulla capitela


Talking about plants for small pots, you can't miss succulents. Crasulla capitela is a type of succulent that is perfect for your small table. This pink succulent will give you a splash of color to your work station. Set in a black pot, this succulent display a stunning contrast. 

Herbs and small vegetables


For the kitchen, you can put types of small plants that are useful for cooking. Try to grow herbs or small vegetables, such as celery. Planting it in a small DIY pot with a painting is also a great option. These plants can be added to cooking spices while in the kitchen. 

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