Ideas and Inspiration for Your Garden and Terrace -- The terrace is the face of a house that needs to be looked at. Usually, the terrace becomes one unit with the yard. For a fresh and green impression, you can use the land near the terrace as a garden. For some ideas that you can get, see the following article about Ideas and Inspiration for Your Garden and Terrace.




White Look with a Combination of Plant Freshness


The inspiration for this first terrace is complete with a garden that seems to be one. The fresh look is not only from the garden area next to the terrace, but also the application of plants that are neatly arranged in the terrace area itself. The arrangement of plants on the terrace is arranged on the edge area or hanging on the roof in order to maximize the main function of the terrace.



The Right Choice of Plants


Next, this terrace has a fresh look complemented by greenery. The selection of plants with various types arranged in such a way makes a neat impression. Not only equipped with plants, this terrace, is also equipped with chairs and tables that can be used as a super comfortable relaxing area with fresh air.



Extensive land use in the front garden terrace


The terrace which is used as an outdoor living room has a fresh look with a large garden view. His garden, is dominated by green grass and plants of medium to large size as a complement to the garden components. On the terrace, it is equipped with hanging pots that are neatly lined on the roof.



Addition of a small pergola on the terrace of the house


A different look can be seen from the inspiration for this one terrace. The minimalist terrace feels maximally equipped with chairs and tables. In front of the terrace, there is a fresh and green garden. The shade, is increasingly felt with the addition of a pergola overgrown with bougainvillea plants that have beautiful flowers.



Maximizing a small area


If you don't have a large area, you can maximize terraces and small gardens like this inspiration. The terrace floor which is coated in green feels increasingly integrated with the garden in front of it. To maximize the available area, you can hang plants on the roof terrace.



Additional shelves for plants

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This last terrace and garden inspiration that you can imitate appears in full freshness. This inspiration uses the terrace and garden in one area. You can add shelves on the terrace to maximize the area you have and make the arrangement look neat.


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