How to Plant a Window Box -- Window boxes are the best option for those of you who don't have a garden or only have limited space. Just imagine, you have a beautiful little garden just under your window. Window boxes can bring color and charm to your home. If you want to have a gorgeous window box, find out How to Plant a Window Box.

1. Prepare tools and materials

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The first thing you have to do is know and prepare the tools and materials to make a window box. You definitely need a window box. Then, you need to prepare gravel, clean crocks, polystyrene, multipurpose or container compost, plant, slow-release fertilizer, trowel and water retaining crystal. Don't forget to pick plants that are perfect for a window box. You can choose viola or tulips bulbs and more.

2. Making planting media

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In containers that have adequate drainage, layer up its surface with a layer of crocks, add a layer of compost soil to cover it up, gravel for extra drainage, and then add more compost until 3 quarter full. Use a bit of fertilizer and water retaining-crystal to nourish the plant.

3. Add your plants


When the potting soil is ready, you can fill the box with your plants. Pick the plants that are perfect for a window box. For example, thrillers plant such as 'Frydek' Alocasia, Kong Red coleour and more, spillers plant such as Neon pothos, Angelina sedum and more, and or seasonal flowers. 


Gently remove the plant from its nursery pot. Keep the distance between plants, so they can grow well. Fill the gaps with more compost and lightly pat it down with your finger. When they grow well, the plants can also look so crowded like this one.

4. Water and Fertilizer The Plant


Next and continuous step, you need to water the plants regularly. Give fertilizer to make plants grow thrive. For some plants that love sunlight, place it on a window with a sunny area. 


You definitely don't want your window box to fall and shatter. Therefore, make sure you install it strongly. You can also prepare a strong support under the window box. Try a metal box with beautiful carving details like this one. This support will avoid your window box to shatter to the ground. 

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