How to Kill Fungus on Plants with Baking Soda

How to Kill Fungus on Plants with Baking Soda -- In addition to its main function as the main ingredient for baking, baking soda is also often for cleaning the house. But in recent times, the use of baking soda is increasingly rife, not only for food. But it is also a powerful cleanser for gardening activities. Starting as removing pests, maintaining the freshness of flower can even reduce the smell of compost fertilizer. Curious as to what the benefits of baking soda for plants, see the review below:

Effectiveness of baking soda


Various antifungal drugs for plants in the garden store are quite a lot. The effectiveness of baking soda to cure plants from mushroom is believed to be strong and has been researched. Moreover, baking soda is not toxic to mammals, starting at a high price and easy to find anywhere can be one of the recommendations for you to try in an effort to cure plants at home.

Use baking soda for plants

Removing fungi in plants


The first use of baking soda for plants can help prevent fungal infections in certain types of plants, shrubs, trees and fruits. You can dissolve baking soda with soap and clean water and then apply it to the plant to stop the spread of mold. Be careful when spraying baking soda on plants, with no exaggeration.

Eradicate annoying aphids


The growth of fertile plants can be disturbed if you have aphids. These small animals usually like to eat soft plant stems. They also secrete a sweet, sticky substance that can attract ants, causing the growth of black mushrooms. Fungi can affect photosynthesis in plants, so you can eradicate them by spraying baking soda dissolved in clean water as a soap in plants.

Overcoming dull plants that almost wither


Plants that look withered and dull can be overcome in order to grow well with baking soda. It's pretty much the same as other cleanings. You can mix a tablespoon of baking soda, half a tablespoon of clear ammonia, then a teaspoon of Epsom salt into a gallon of water.

Smell of compost


Compost fertilizer derived from rotting organic pestilence has a very pungent smell. Of course, this disrupts the sense of smell and environment. You can spray a solution of water and baking soda into the compost that will be used as plant fertilizer so that the bad smell to be reduced.

Benefits of killing plant mushrooms with baking soda


- It can stop fungi from growing on plants
- Baking soda is environmentally friendly and cheaper than commercial fungicides
- Can maintain soil pH leaves
- Can block insect such as ants and caterpillars
- Increase the sweetness of tomatoes, both for eggplants and peppers, and maintain the freshness of flowers and leaves.

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