How to Grow ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem) Indoors

How to Grow ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem) Indoors -- Zanzibar gem is a beautiful indoor plant and has easy maintenance. Plants that are popular enough to be placed in all rooms in the office house or for the outdoors can withstand drought and neglect for a long time. This plant is also called the plant of immortality. With oval-shaped leaves towering upwards and shiny, this plant is sometimes misinterpreted because it is often considered an artificial plant. Because growth is slow, you don't have to bother too typically. As growth tips, you can see the following explanation;


Zanzibar plant growth will ideally grow up to inches per year. When you reach a height of five feet, good light conditions will make growth slow down. You can give Zanzibar gem fertilizer as much as 1 -2 times per month in spring and summer with indoor plant food or leaf feed throughout the year.

How to care for healthy  and sparkling Zanzibar plant


To grow this plant, you need time and simple tips to take care of it. Pruning is very necessary to make the Zanzibar plant from itself. But you don't have to cut it too often. Pick leaves that have dried or died, and prune massively in spring and summer. Although pruning is useful for other plants, encouraging new growth, this does not apply to Zanzibar plants.

Zanzibar gem reporting


These plants can grow much more slowly than wild plants, depending on plant size and good root density, you can do every 2 to 3 years to encourage fresh nutrition and new plant growth. You can report these plants when they actually damage, the pot of the plant is not broken. No need to rush to reporting, do reporting every 2 to years or so. You can find a bigger pot to replace the soil.

How to spread Zanzibar gems


To spread the Zanzibar plant is quite simple, you can use a rhizome root system that is easily divided into new plants. You can also choose a rod to multiply, use sharp scissors, then cut the stem from the base of its growth.


The process of growing Zanzibar plants can be through two methods, such as cuttings or propagation. Place in a water medium using a clear glass and place pieces of the plant stem into the water. In addition, you can also choose to dip cuttings first into the root hormone the can increase the chances and speed of cuttings to form their own roots.

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