How to Grow Oxalis Triangularis - Purple Shamrock Care

How to Grow Oxalis Triangularis - Purple Shamrock Care -- Oxalis is a typical ornamental plant with an amazing purple leaf color and very interesting. This purple shamrock will be one of the stars wherever you place it in the room. Certainly, with proper care, this plant will provide strong growth throughout the season. Even with minimalist care, this plant grows well and is fun for the home and garden at home. See how to care for and grow Oxalis plants in your home environment with fertile.

 First summary for growing Oxalis Triangularis


To keep this purple shamrock plant healthy, you can start by mixing good plants. Grow in a rich potting mixture and dry well and water when the top of the soil becomes dry. Give fertilizer every two to three weeks and place the plant in bright light so that its growth is rapid. Make sure to keep the plant moist and the room temperatures between 60 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius.

How to treat oxalis triangularis

After knowing how to grow plants easily, you need to take good care of this plant. Oxalis triangularis with leaves of a deep purple tirangle shape with bright purplish rose features in the middle, this plant can bloom for several weeks with the specialty of the leaves will open during the day and close at night.

Because this plant lives in a temperate climate, you can grow it outdoors all year round. It grows on average about 12 inches tall at maturity.

Soil conditions for Oxalis triangluaris


The growth of this plant will perform well when grown in a standard potting mixture that flows well. To best results, use a rich and light pot mixture or without the addition of slow loose fertilizer. Whatever mixture is used to add this plant, keep in mind the soil needs to be properly drained and not hold too much water.

Light conditions for Oxalis triangluaris plants


The best growth of purple shamrock plants is an indoor location that receives bright light. Light that is too low can promote strong plant growth and tend to be leggy.

In addition, the good room temperature in this plant is between 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watering Oxalis triangularis


This plant can forgive if you forget to water, rather that water it too much. Too much watering can cause wet soil conditions and will make the roots drain.

Maintaining moisture


Increasing the average humidity in the house can make for good growth. If the air in the house is very dry, increase humidity in several easy ways, such as watering or feeding regularly for its growth in spring to summer.

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