How to Grow Lemon Tree in Pot

How to Grow Lemon Tree in Pot -- Lemon is a useful fruit for humans. Not only healthy, lemon water is also a natural cleansing. There are many ways to grow lemon plants in vegetative or generative ways. To grow lemons at home is a smart idea that you can do in the room, terrace or balcony of the house. You can listen to how to plant lemon trees in pots easily below:

Requirements of growing lemon trees in pots



The first thing you can do to put lemon in a pot, be sure to plant it indoors or outdoors that is affordable to the sun. Strive to reduce direct light with artificial growing lights.



Lemon plants are best grown in well-drained soil. Make sure you give a soil pH level of about 5.5 to 7 because you prefer a little neutral soil acid. Use the same part of the garden soil, cocopeat and compost.



Lemon trees need consistent watering to produce a bushy and healthy make. Watering it too much will also cause flowers to fall out and can also make the plant die. You can check the top 2-inch soil layer to give dry soil.

Soil moisture


When you grow an indoor lemon tree, a certain level of moisture will develop the plant evenly. You can maintain the moisture of this lemon tree by placing it on a pebble or by using an air moisturizer.



Already, large lemon tree require re-reporting to produce larger plants. You can use a container one size larger than the previous pot.

Addition tips for growing lemons in a pot


You can start planting lemon trees that you can keep in a shady and soothing place. It is necessary to provide good air flow. If you put it indoors during wall season or summer, be sure to keep the soil moist. Do graft to get 2 or more varieties of one tree. Avoid also watering the leaves to save this plant from disease.

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