How to Get Your Jade Plant to Flower? -- Did you know that this succulent you have can flower? Yes, some may already know that this jade plant can flower beautifully. This plant is much-loved because it has easy maintenance and the leaves don't fall off easily, making it suitable for indoor decoration. For those of you who are interested in knowing how jade plants can flower, see the following review on How to Get Your Jade Plant to Flower?.

Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)


This jade plant, which has the botanical name crassula ovata, is a type of thick-leaved succulent with a stem that resembles a small tree. This plant is also known to be easy to care for and can grow up to 91 to 182 cm. Like most other succulents, this jade plant also does not like too much watering because it will cause rotting of the roots and stems. Sunlight is very liked by this plant to survive well and fresh. However, don't forget to water it when the soil is completely dry.



Can Jade Plant Flowers?


In its natural habitat, this jade plant rarely blooms for years. But the answer to whether the jade plant can flower or not, the answer is, yes, this jade plant can flower. However, this flowering jade plant usually has an age of over 3-4 years and of course also with intense care that is well cared for. According to belief, the jade plant blooms to give appreciation to its owner for taking good care of it.

Flowers of Jade Plant


Jade plant usually bloom in late winter to spring. You can find beautiful white or pink flowers with star shapes. Flowers that are owned when blooming will give a beautiful appearance that is present among the thick green leaves it has.

How to Get Jade Plant to Flower?


Flowering of this jade plant requires a combination of dormancy, multiple photoperiods, and other extreme environmental conditions. Plants don't actually enter dormancy, but need some rest before buds begin to form. Plants will begin dormancy around September. As the days get shorter, reduce watering and fertilizing. Also make sure the plant stays in the dark at night for 14-16 hours and gets bright light during the day.
Furthermore, avoid repotting the jade plant during the flowering process, as this will divert energy to produce shoots and flowers instead of wasting it on forming more roots. Repotting the jade plant will make its flowering take longer. At this time of flowering, store it at a temperature of 10-15 Celsius, which will support the plant to form buds. However, you need to pay attention to the light intake. Sunlight intake is an important factor when you want to make jade plants bloom. Exposure to the sun at least 4-6 hours a day.




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