Growing The Cylindrical Snake Plant

Growing The Cylindrical Snake Plant -- Sansevieria has a fairly diverse type of cylindrica. In addition to beautifying your yard, sansevieria cylindrica will be beautiful on the living room table that provides more benefits to improve clean air circulation. To maintain and care for it requires a little dispossession and knowledge so that this plant continues to thrive even though it is placed in all areas. Here are few reviews for growing snake plants that you can grow yourself at home:

How to grow cylindrica snake plants with buds


When you want to do more growth on this cylindrica, growing it from buds, you can try. This plant begins to sprout at the age of approximately one year.


First, you can choose a healthy and lush mother plant that has many shoots. The remove this plant from the pot and separate the roots from the soil by tapping the plant until the soil is falling. Decide a minimalist bud that already has three leaves. Cut the stems of the leaves with a sharp knife and apply the piece using pesticides. After this, you can plant it directly in the pot.


Fill 3/4 of the pot with planting media and put the buds in the middle and cover again with planting media. Make sure to give fertilizer and place it in a cool place and regular watering.

How to care for cylindrica snake plant



At the beginning of planting this snake plant, make sure the new shoots get enough water supply. Water plants that have grown about 2.5 months to 2 months with the intensity of watering that needs to be reduced. For example, enough 2 to 3 times a day. If the plant is already growing large, it is enough once a week.



Growing ornamental plants also need special attention, especially fertilization that aims to support more fertile growth. Use NPK fertilizer, compost or leaf fertilizer.

Plant placement


Snake plants that have been moved from other pots, make sure to be placed in shady areas that not exposed to direct sunlight.

Benefits of growing snake plant
1. Maintaining air quality
2. Warding off snakes
3. Natural room fragrance
4. Warding off radiation

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