Best Small Living Room Design and Ideas -- Usually, a small living room recommended using a minimalist concept of white or other neutral colors. This suggestion is not wrong. White or any neutral colors indeed give the illusion of a wider and airy space. Unfortunately, the living can seem stiff or monotonous. 

Your small living room can appear more than that. More of an all-white or minimalist feel. You can apply any pop colors or other bright colors into the living room. This is perfect for those of you who don't like a room that looks deserted. For you, we present a review of the Best Small Living Room Design and Ideas.

Purple and serene living room


The purple color is one of the color trends this year. The purple color is unique. When applied to the living room, purple attract our attention, exuding an elegant and calming impression. This color is great for soft furnishings. Apply a deep purple color for sofas, rugs and curtains. Leave the walls in a lighter purple color, so there is visual harmony in the purple living room. 

Living room with tropical vibe


Greenery and living room are a great combination. This will make a small living room look fresh, as fresh as a tropical vibe. You can make plants as a vertical garden on walls, and fill empty-corners in the living room. Use a coffee table made of wood crates that looks rustic. Present a sofa that will provide comfort when sitting in this tropical living room. 

Pink Living Room 


For those of you who are a pink lover, you can use this pink living room as a reference. The room is small, but it doesn't look overwhelming. Thanks to the well-arranged furniture and the beautiful pink and white combination. Make the sofa the centerpiece of the room. The sofa covered with a sofa cover that looks smooth and glossy. Complete with a pair of shelves for a place to display other beautiful ornaments.

Small and Industrial Living Room


This 3 x 4 M living room looks so wow with the application of an industrial minimalist concept in it. The industrial concept looks so good on exposed cement walls, sofa set, stools and some furniture in black. The walls also decorated with monochrome abstract paintings that look masculine aesthetic. Natural light comes in from the window, so the living room look so bright and cool. 

Fun and Yellow Living Room


Want a living room that looks bright and fun? You can try this living room design. The all-yellow walls don't make the room look flashy and childish. Centerpiece wall in gray geometric abstract pattern as a visual differentiator. This living room uses simple furniture. The backless sofa and egg chair in white make the room feel so comfortable. This living room also remind us of the sunny summer, thanks to the greenery as decoration of the room. 

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Author : Yeni

Editor : Munawaroh

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