Best Kids Outdoor Space Design and Ideas -- Kids love to play. Give children an outdoor play space that they can enjoy, with their siblings or schoolmates. You can design the backyard into a playtime paradise. This idea will make the children happy for being home, it also makes the backyard more valuable. 

You can get some ideas for kids outdoor playground in the review of Best Kids Outdoor Space Design and Ideas, below!

Fun Wooden Playhouse

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There doesn't seem to be a kid who doesn't like the playhouse. It's like their base camp or hiding place. You can make one in the backyard. Use wood materials that are environmentally friendly and safe for health. Choose a multistory playhouse design. The lower area can be used for an open play area for your kids. 

Playhouse for bonding time

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Making a playhouse sound like a complicated project. However, you'll get more benefits. Playhouses can train their motor movement. In this place, you can also strengthen the bond between family member. A fun family picnic can even be held in the yard with this wooden playhouse.

Open and unique playhouse design

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Present a VIP fun space at home. One way is to build a unique open-air playhouse, like this one. The triangular design without doors and windows, making a fresh breeze wicking away sweat when playing together. The roof shaded by a transparent roof, which makes it safe from dust or even rain. This unique house enhances the landscape design in the backyard.

Playset for an adventurous children

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In addition to the wooden house, also bring some play sets that train their motor movement. This will cultivate the child's adventurous spirit. Make some play sets in bright colors to make them match your little one's mood. Cover the ground with synthetic grass or a softer grass carpet. It makes the kid outdoor space more freshly beautiful and minimized the risk of being injured. 

Perfect for playing at night


We sometimes can't predict a child's mood. Who knows, suddenly, they want to play night? You can create the perfect children's outdoor space for playing at night. Add adequate lighting such as tumbler or string lights, which eliminates the spooky vibe at night. You can also make quality family time even at night. 

Portable swimming pool ideas


When summer comes, children will really want to swim. Making a permanent swimming pool can change the structure of the backyard. It also costs a lot. Make it more practical by presenting an inflatable swimming pool like this. Even though it's small, with cute toys, your little one will still be happy. 

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