Best Garden Design Ideas for The Small Backyard -- Instead of feeling bad, it's better if we feel grateful to have even a small backyard. There are many ways to maximize your small backyard at home. You can maximize your small backyard at home. Make it a fresh garden, a place to take care of plants, to a cool place to chill and hang-out outside the house. 

For more ideas, take a look at these 6 Best Garden Design Ideas for The Small Backyard.

Playing color contrasts with natural elements

Increase your curb appealing by designing a beautiful small-space garden in the backyard. Make the garden planted with various plants that match the zone you live in. Present a nice contrast. You can make red soil side by side with beige coral, to create a beautiful contrast in the garden.

Simple but so green garden design


Create a small garden that looks so green. Maximize the soil by planting green grass on it. Also plant some shady leafy plants, such as cypress trees and so on. A collection of potted plants can also be neatly arranged on the sides of the garden. Create a garden boundary with gravel rocks that surround the garden as well. 

Make it your plant laboratory


Use an open backyard as a nursery plant. Here you can give special treatment to your plants, such as watering and giving the best fertilizer. Seeing how the flowers bloom and the fruit ripening from the trees will be a great experience in your backyard.

Small terrace near the backyard garden


You can divide your little backyard in 2 parts. One a terrace and one as a garden. The terrace near the garden will be the best place to enjoy the fresh garden atmosphere. You can only need to provide a seat and a small coffee table. Thus, enjoy a cup of coffee while looking at the cool scenery. 

Bring dim string lights


Make the backyard garden, presentable for the night. Bring dim string lights for the backyard. The string lights will be the lighting that sets the mood at night. You can install it under a tarpaulin roof, or make it look stunning with criss-cross arrangement in the corner of the backyard. Chatting casually at night can also be realized with adequate lighting.  

Backyard with tiny cabin


More than an ordinary backyard seat, you can bring a charming tiny cabin. This cabin can be a place for you to be alone, escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Apart from resting places, make everything so magical with twinkle lights that sets on the wooden frame. 

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