Begonia : 7 Beautiful Images for Home and Garden Decoration and Tips for How to Care -- Ornamental plants, are increasingly being enjoyed as a complement to the garden and also as decoration. Plants that do not flower also have many fans, one of them, begonias. Begonia is actually a flowering ornamental plant, but many people prefer the leaves, which have many variations in each type. For some ideas that you can create from begonias, see the following reviews about Begonias: 7 Beautiful Images for Home and Garden Decoration and Tips for How to Care.



 Place Outside the Home


If you have a begonia at home, placing it on the terrace area or an empty spot next to the house, will be an interesting idea and be able to emit maximum freshness. But pay attention to the lighting, because this plant does not like the sun directly.



Place it on the Shelf in the Living Room


The begonias that you have will look beautiful with other plants. Because this begonia plant will not be a problem when juxtaposed with other plants, it will provide beautiful variations from one another as decoration.


Beautiful Bedroom Decoration


You will sleep soundly by putting this begonia plant in your room. Because, this begonia is also able to freshen the air so that it will make your sleep more quality.


Fresh Garden Begonias


Making begonias into a group in the garden will make a beautiful and matching display. You can combine various types of begonias so that it is easier to care for and more focused with the categorization of plants in your garden.



Beautiful Decoration in the Corner of the Room Window


The presence of begonias near the window will not only benefit you as the owner because it can provide a beautiful view and fresh air. Located near the window, begonias are very fond of because the light is not too hot and is shady during the day.



Choose the Tallest Size


If you want a beautiful look that can radiate to all corners of the house, this large begonia choice can be the right choice that can radiate its beauty to the maximum. Pay attention to its placement, so as not to interfere with the main function of the room.



Display on a Garden Shelf


The last way that you can use to place begonias properly is to place them on shelves, so they have a neat appearance with other plants you have. The treatment you can do for this plant is proper lighting by removing it in the morning sun, but during the day it is better to place it in a shady area. This plant also likes moist soil, not dry and not wet, to provide the right moisture, include compost with the planting medium.





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