7 Variegated Plants Ideas

 Homiful.com - Include various species, variegated plants have own unique leaf patterns and vibrant blooms. Variegated plants, popular as houseplants that place at indoor or outdoor area. Here are 7 Variegated Plants Ideas that you can see and make inspiration at home. Check it out!

Variegated Hearts Philodendron


Heart leaf Philodendron are the type with dark green heart shaped leaves. The plants can grow in a container indoors. You can display the plants like put on the table or hanging on the ceiling for pretty view at indoor area.

Neoregelia Delirious


Neoregelia Delirious is a broad leaf in a compact rosette that is heavily banded with reddish brown to chestnut, over green. Commonly, the leaves have white up the center. 

Philodendron Caramel Marble


Carrying exotic variegation, Philodendron caramel marble has various shaded colors on new leaves, which range from caramel brown to dark forest green. You can make the plants as houseplants and put at space area like at the corner or at the terrace to increase the view.

Variegated Hoya Incrassata Moonshadow


Variegated Hoya Incrassata Moonshadow is an incredibly beautiful and rare houseplant. This plant is slow growing, so many of the leaves may have old scars or nicks. The plants can put at the bright indirect light. And watering the plants when dry, but don't over-watering.

Philodendron Florida Ghost


Philodendron Florida Ghost is a unique plant that an evergreen hybrid, and it's a vine climber. The leaves have interest colors than the shapes. They start with white and turn a pretty yellow-green when they get a bit older.

Marble Queen Pothos


Marble Queen Pothos is a versatile plant, and easy to grow. They can grow well in nearly any space in your home, and don't require things. The plants are a perennial and vine type. So, it perfect as houseplant at indoor and put hanging on ceiling for pretty view.

Variegated Lady Palm


Ornamental in China and Japan, Variegated Lady Palm has bright yellow, creamy yellow, white, and green leaves. That are outstanding and perfect for bringing a tropical ambience into the urban home or office.

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