7 Top Modern Kitchen Trends For Today's Homes

Homiful.com -- The kitchen is the heart of our homes. It is a space where you prepare a hearty meal, a fun place to gather and enjoy the cooking activities together. In addition to cooking, the activity of filling and decorating the kitchen is also very fun. Many of the latest ideas that you can apply to your kitchen. Make your kitchen look so modern and trendy. For you, here are 7 Top Modern Kitchen Trends For Today's Homes.

Make the kitchen more open


For those of you who don't want to feel alone and secluded in the kitchen, an open kitchen design is perfect for that. An open kitchen allows interaction between you in the kitchen, and others around the kitchen. An open wall option like this one would be perfect for that. Add something retro to make it more contemporary, for example, retro-style refrigerator magnets that you set in such a way. 

New kitchen appliances


Bring something new to the kitchen. Just choosing new kitchen furniture for your small kitchen. You can use a Japanese-style kitchen model, with a variety of small pink containers instead of cabinets. Plastic containers are not a problem. You can also use a special tumbler to store cooking spices. Anything cute will make your kitchen more trendy.

String lighting for a small & cute kitchen 


Don't forget the lighting! Lighting will set the mood for your kitchen. For a kitchen with shades of pink, consider installing decorative lights. You can install string lights with a pink dim flame that looks harmonious with other pink knick-knacks in the kitchen. 

Unique backsplash kitchen


It's time for you to experiment with a kitchen backsplash. You can use other than ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash. A brick backsplash is a great option. This material gives a rustic impression to your kitchen. It is renowned for its strength and durability. Moreover, the brick backsplash is also easy to install. 

Pigment packed cabinet


It's time to move away from the all-white cabinet. You can switch to pigment-packed cabinet. Take a color risk by picking a green-pistachio color for the cabinet. The combination with cabinets and solid wood surfaces will present a homey kitchen vibe. 

Fresh color 


More than just a neutral or earthy tone palette. Express your taste in your kitchen design. Dare to make your kitchen colorful. Color contrast doesn't matter. The combination of orange cabinet with dark blue, looks so stunning. With backsplash tiles in an aesthetic Moroccan pattern.

Bright pastel colors


The role of color can indeed make your kitchen more modern. Add color accents that make your kitchen more special. You can try adding pastel colors to your walls or backsplash. Like in this beautiful kitchen. The combination of blue and pastel for more kitchen decorations. 

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