7 Stunning Dining Table Lighting Ideas and Designs

Homiful.com -- The dining room is one of the social areas at home. You can gather with your family while enjoying a special meal. Don't let eating get disrupted just because of poor lighting. Lighting help to set the mood in the dining room. It is important to have good lighting, so  it becomes a comfortable and warm dining room. 

Lighting in addition to illuminating the room, it is also a decorative element that enhances the visual appealing of your dining room. If you want to make your dining room more special with attractive lighting, here are 7 Stunning Dining Table Lighting Ideas and Designs.

Hanging lantern lamps


Chandeliers or pendant lamps can be a focal point in the dining room. Place a chandelier in the center of room table to define the space. You can choose a chandelier or hanging lamp with a diameter of 12" less than the width of the dining table. Rattan-like lampshades design will provide a warm atmosphere, thanks to the dim light on it. 

Classical chic 


Chandeliers can be a beautiful adornment in the dining room. Add one classy statement piece to make the dining room looks so elegant. The curved design look so beautiful with upward focus lighting and does not dazzle the area down, it is still easy on eyes. This kind of lighting is perfect for any special event while having a meal together at home.

2 pendant light with contemporary design


More and more hanging lighting design for your dining table. If you like something different, choose a contemporary-style pendant lamp design like this. Lampshade in geometric shape with lines that appear dimensional. In it, you can even use 3 lights to brighten up the dining table. Pick soft white for color light in dining room. It is neutral color and giving a comfortable and welcoming vibe. 

Pendant light with long hook cable


Consider choosing a lighting design that matches the atmosphere of the space. If you tend to use natural themes, pick a lighting design with warm glow light and rattan lantern-style lampshade design like this. Make it appear to hang on a long hook cable. The sticking cable strap will give the effect of a higher-looking space. 

Dim lighting ft fluorescent


The dining room is more widely used at night. Therefore, present a slightly more dramatic lighting. You can choose a beam chandelier with 4 bulbs. Combine that with a fluorescent lighting in the kitchen area next to it. This lighting gives a dramatic effect even to your small dining room. 

Simple pendant light design


The dining table does not require complicated lighting arrangements. Just provide pendant lights in a simple and minimalist design. Make sure it produces central lighting on the table. Adjust the high and low lights according to the impression you want to display. 

Chandelier design with copper shade


There are some of us who are more comfortable eating while sitting directly on the carpet. This method is usually done in East and Southeast Asia. For night lighting, you can use a warm bright light on the table. Select an attractive lampshade design, as attractive as a hood design with a hollow design that can provide subtle light sprinkles around the dining room

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